Botched calls ?

Hey, its half-time and im watching the riders lions game.

I'm hoping someone can clearify 2 ruling on the fields for me.

1 the blocked kick... As i saw it; baron miles blocked it, then #1 bc touched it and losted possession... then should it not be fair game to re-gain possession? The only thing i can think of is that this lion player did not have controll of it.. however if this was the same case when the ball is kicked 40 yards blah blah and touched then its fair game so im kinda confused on this... Arius or BGM or Sambo any thoughts? Or am i completely of my rocker on this ??

2 the fight just prior to the end of the half... What were the refs smoking ? Should they not go to the replay when theres a cerfufle of a call like that just to get a second look and make an accurate call? #55 bc shoulda been tossed, possibly #56 bc and #97 sask as well. Did they just sh!t the bed or did i miss something?

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I am watching the game's only too bad that the refs appear to watching a different game. Same old story, the referees in this league suck - BADLY. The commish has to do something about that if the league is to be taken seriously

It's not just the league's fault here - the players union supported the only suspension of the year being challenged and over thrown. Any other league the Commish is the final law of the land - only in the CFL do find a third party arbitrator being able to over rule the head of the league.

That being said a 2 game suspension for #55 and a 10k fine for the Lions, and the head Ref for this game should be dropped from playoff games. That would be in line with other CFL fines and penalties. The 2 games is because he should have been booted for this game and 1 more but for some reason was not tossed - thats a call any kid reffing could have made in any pee wee game in North America.

The "non-call" on BC with the fight was ridculous. It is my hope that there will be some form of action taken against BC. I wonder how the momentum would have been in the second half for the Riders if the call had been made.

I agree I was watching the game and the Ref had to toss #55 off and he saw him throw shultz's helmet and as for the blocked punt I dont think the B.C. player had control I think that was a pretty fair call but as for the touchdown That barely if at had the ball get close to the yellow was kind of a joke but we had the game and we lost it.

Good game guys.

Did anyone agree with Sean Millington's comment(regarding the fight) at the half when he said he was happy to finally see some spirit with BC? Is unsportsman like conduct something that the commentators should be promoting?

He spoke alone as the other 3 quickly objected - thats about as offensive as you can get cheering on dirty play.

Since they can't undue what was done and the player who should have been tossed played the second half - the fine is going to have to be a historic high for the CFL to do any good. If not whats to stop any other team taking out other teams players without any fear of being held to account? None!.

Good hard plays and a physical game is appreciated by all. If the BC coach had an ounce of resect for the game he would have benched his own player for the second half. By not benching him it shows that he supported it - hence the fine must be 6 digits to have any effect

You'd be crying a different tune if it were a Rider player.

No I wouldn't I don't support cheap and dirty play at any level by any player - It's a shame you do.

As much as it pains me to say, the officials made the correct call on the blocked punt. Since the punt did not go 10 yards there is no no yards rule and it's played more like a fumble than a punt. BC did touch it first but like a fumble he did not have possession so the Riders needed to get the first down after they recovered it still.

I too agree that the blocked punt call was correct. Regarding the melee at the end of the first half and the missed call - let’s face it - the officiating in the CFL is the worst in any sport - at any level - anywhere in the world - and it continues to make the CFL (as exciting as it is) a second rate league. One of the other commentators at half time said he thought that the incident should draw a suspension or a fine. I agree but tell me - how much do you fine - or how long do you suspend - the officials for their abysmal performance.

I don't condone fighting in sport but Millington was right and got cut off by a broadcast crew that was close to hysterics over the melee.

The Canucks-Sharks just all on the ice fighting on the same shift except the goalees and a couple of guys into with different guys. That is bad. That melee was very inconsequential in the game and I don't think anyone should have got ejected.

As to the blocked kick, the Riders if they recovered have to make a first down to get the

How can that be a botched call.

This Defense looks like they are can only hope the airlift begins .. Cut Chatham, Lucas and Clovis needs to ride the pine... Vets that need to walk the talk ... Shultz,Hunt...Adams should be released.

There were 3 significant plays near the end plays why the Riders lost this game where we would not had to hope for a pathetic defensive stance.. Lucas dropped a sure intercept for a TD...Joseph misses a COMPLETELY wide open Fantuz with a minute left... 2 fumbles by BC that were not recovered.
Its painfully obvious until some major personel changes are made on defense, YOU CAN KISS FIRST PLACE GOODBYE.

Time to walk the talk Tillman/Austin, I want accountability

You are absolutely right Dentor - if any of those plays are made by these so-called professional athletes - then the Riders win the game - Fantuz was open by at least 10 yards - and Lucas could have crawled into the end zone if he makes that interception.

I think the problem is there's a lack of leadership on the defense. They don't look like they are playing as a unit, just a bunch of individuals right now back there.

It is painful watching your team lose a game complete with an out of town BC Lion fan as a house guest to boot. He kept looking at me and saying “you know, your defense is probably the crappiest in the league right now… they will lose it for you.”

Kerry Joseph… get your head out of the clouds and what ever diety your gaga over and get back to playing like a mean nasty son of a bitch that a winning quarterback needs to be. I think that Kerry Joseph is too concerned about pleasing his pastor and not getting down to the dirty work that is needed to win a football game. In football you have to hate the other team, or you can sit at home and watch the Grey Cup on TV like the rest of us.

Nobody can possibly explain the calls by the refs resulting from that fracus.

But the blocked punt was the correct call.
I believe these are the applicable rules:

Article 2 – Recovery Of Blocked Kick If the ball is blocked, without going Out of Bounds, it may legally be recovered by a player of either team. If, however, the ball is recovered by a player of the kicking team, the continuing play shall be considered as any other play from scrimmage.
Article 9 – Kick That Fails To Cross Line Of Scrimmage When a ball kicked from scrimmage fails to cross the line of scrimmage and is recovered by an onside player of the kicking team, the series of downs shall not be interrupted unless after recovery, the yardage required for a first down is gained.
A kick is only considered to be "blocked" if it does not cross the line of scrimmage. The Lion player while touching the ball, never had possesion, therefore even if we recover the ball, we needed to get the yardage necessary to make a first down.

No, if it had been one of our players, I would have been disgusted and ashamed.

I was at the game and it was so hard watching them lose in the last couple of mintues. I have to say that during much of the game we did see the Riders playing like they had the first half of the season. Although there is still a lot of work and accountability to be done, they are getting it together (I hope).

I did want to comment on a few of the calls from last night though. As being new to football I was unsure of the punt call but thank you for clearing that up. As for that first touchdown, that was a botched call and we should have won that challenge. When it was replayed on the Maxtron you could see green field clearly on both sides of the yellow line and BC did not touch it never mind cross it. There other botched call was a pass interference on the Riders. I am sorry I can’t remember who exactly it was but I believe it was Fantuz. He was clearly pushed out of the way and missed the catch. Of course, it was not called.

As for the fight, BC should be lucky they held Schultz back. I have never seen him this angry and rightfully so. I don’t enjoy fighting but I hate cheap shots. It’s too bad the wrong person was outted.