Boston Pizza Events

Does that mean, BG, that you are a Carolina Hurricanes fan??

If so, you'd be the first one I've ever met.................not that we've met, mind you.

Mind you Mike Hogan over at the Fan 590 is a Hurricanes' fan, dating back to when they were the Hartford Whalers.

Nope, I'm a Habs fan. That's why I don't want Boston to win. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah well that explains it adequately !!!

Question about Burlington. Is it really out of town? Considering the geography in relation to Ivor Wynne it seems like it is closer than some parts of Hamilton.

Well played. :wink:

P.S. It's Michael Ryder. :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

Not for me it isn't. I'm right downtown and the public transportation really stinks to Burlington. Had to take my daughter to an appointment there once and I had to cab it back to the Burlington GO station because bus service doesn't run to the location during the day. It was a nightmare.

Sorry Russ, I'm pretty sure Michael wouldn't notice the difference. lol. He couldn't find the Family Fitness Gym at Jackson Square and he was standing beside the library... :lol:

On the way back from the north this weekend, we stopped in North Bay and went for dinner at the Boston Pizza there. I took the time to walk around and check out the displays of sports memorabilia. They had jerseys and pictures etc.

Not even a single thing in there...not one mentioned the CFL. Lots of stuff about the NHL and the NFL, but nothing about the CFL. Shame!

The food and the service was good!

I really don't find it that bad now ..
I been Busing all over
The Route 1 Burlington goes all way from Downtown Hamilton to Appleby go station
They Run every half Hour

I'm really looking forward to the event in St Catharines tonight. Hope to meet other members of the board there.

Just Came from Burlington Event
was great Talk to everyone and Really Enjoyed mySelf …

Can’t wait for the 4th When The Rookies hit the Field.

I just viewed the Tigertown Brantford video and saw my wife and kids in there (I had a commitment I couldn't get out of). These events are great at planting the seed for the young ones to connect with the CFL and specifically the Tiger Cats. Well done Tiger Cats! I wish there would have been more announcements made locally, I could be wrong but I don't think there was anything in the local paper or radio station or on Maybe Boston pizza could have stepped up and done the promo work because it gets folks to their establishment for food & drinks and the Tiger Cats could get some spots on the local media in exchange for a pair of tickets to be drawn by the paper or radio station. Just a thought.

This promotion is about generating interest in the greater Hamilton area, The core of Hamilton has a great following and numerous event in Hamilton have gone on for years. This is a GREAT idea. We need the support of the communities outside Hamilton.


How did the event in Cambridge go last night?

It was dissappointing, not much hoopla! No team members showed up, Mike & Greg showed up. To say they wanted to bring fan interest from outside of the greater Hamilton area for tickets, it really wasn't at all what I expected, Greg nor Mike spoke to the crowd over the microphone, nor did it really feel like they were at all interested in being there. They spoke more amongst themselves then really the people. Oh well, lets just hope the season goes well.

Sandy and I were there! It seemed all the Ticats staff made it around to all the tables and introduced themselves. It was full...we had to wait to find a seat. It seemed everybody was having a good time.

So some players didn't make it...Big Deal :roll: ! They had the Faloney's Golf Tournament Friday and perhaps do to the crappy weather didn't want to make the drive out to Cambridge. (who could blame them)

Stripes was busy with the young fans. :thup:

We thought it was nice. No, we didn't win any of the door prizes, but hey we saw lots of people who did, and the guy that won the #87 Bauman jersey was quite happy.

The team puts on something for the fans...Get out and support it! :thup:

Something I would like to see is some CFL stuff at Boston Pizza. (again, at this place nothing but NFL and NHL stuff, save for a Cambridge hockey jersey)

I suggest they have a "signed Mosca Jersey"...AT LEAST! :rockin:

People who actually made the trip to see some players, that's the big deal. I understand that other things are going on woody but 2 players scheduled to show, out of how many on the team? They don't have backups? Kids come to meet athletes not coaches. My child wanted an autograph from some players.

Who could blame them about the weather?, geez louise they play in worse and Cambridge is not on the other side of the map.

They want to draw fans from out of town that have to make an effort to get to Hamilton, they in turn should also.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate others did make it and they did get a chance to talk at the tables, that's good for the team, just look at it through the eyes of kids coming out to see players that's all.

There is no good reason for players not attending this event - a piss-poor showing by the Cats marketing/PR people last night.

I really have to ask this…you weren’t there and asked how it went! Now this! Why? You weren’t there. :roll:

Another said it was disappointing and “not what I expected”! What did you expect?

Free food, a beer and everything they said that they would do, except a couple of players didn’t show up! :roll:

The Ticats are trying to connect with the fans in outlying areas. It was a start. I’m sure they will improve on it.

It would be nice to hear from someone else who was there. I’m sure those that walked away with a door prize will think it was worthwhile.

Let’s cut them some slack on this. :wink:

"Pawsch" If you attend games as often as you post (under this username anyway) then the team isnt a big priority with you to start with so your opinions on anything ought to be ignored.

Old agendas never die.......they just get different usernames.

Zontar mature as always, I have been going to games for over 35 years, and I post when I feel like it, you really have no right to critize something I have said. Really because someone doesn’t post makes them a poor fan, geez no wonder I don’t post on this site.

My comments are my feelings as to what I saw, were u there? did u see? it’s just one person’s opinion.