Borrowed from the Ticat forum...

Thought this was a great link that Tigger provided in the ticat forum so I thought it was also appropriate for the main section.

[url=] ... Gable_Cup/[/url]

the commentary was good, but how does that guy make a living off THOSE sketches?....unbelievable.

Because he is a political cartoonist for the Globe and Mail...Just like Norris was for the Vancouver Sun.
They have a good salary.

That is really fantastic! Brought a tear to my eye (sniff).


i dont care what kinda cartoonist he is. if those are the type of drawings he does, they should just hire a 5 year old who will draw the same crap for a cookie.

If it were that easy I'd be employed doing sketches drummer. There is some method to his madness, I like the sketches.

depends how you look at it, i think the creativity of the skecthes were really good and he makes a very point come the end about how we all form as one for 1 moment in time. i think that was pretty cool

I liked it!

:lol: That's funny.

Not a bad video. Just one question: Was it really called the Banjo Bowl? I always referred to it as the Prairie Cup. I like that name better.

well we use the banjo bowl from what westwood said about rider fans a few years back, and now the week after labor day when the riders come to winnipeg the game is called the banjo bowl and considering it made no sence to call it the 2nd labor day game we called it 2nd banjo bowl.