Born Green, Will Die Green

Moved to BC last year and it seems no one follows football (lions), yet I have meet so many Rider Fans that no matter how bad it is going we still have that common bond and wear the Green no matter what. Once a Rider Fan always a Rider Fan >> Go Riders.

I am somewhat in the same boat, I live in Winnipeg…home of this Swaggerville, and all you hear about is Swag this Swag that, but really when you drive around town you see the odd Blue Bomber license plate, car flag and hat. But no one is talking about it, you would hardly know they have a team let a lone a winning one. Every time I go some where though, you always bump into someone with a Riders shirt on, a flag or two on the car. It is awesome. Our team maybe in a little bit of trouble, but at least we still show our colours.

GO Riders GO.

I live in Edmonton, not a lot of Eskimo stuff visible unless you're at the stadium before the game or in a pub the night of. I was in Saskatoon visiting family, it was a Tuesday, we went to walmart for something and I had to ask if there was a Rider event or something at the store with all the people wearing Rider stuff!! I have to was kind of weird! lol


it is a well known fact that there are almost as many Rider fans in Edmonton as there are Eskimos Fans.

when you go into a Jersey City or Sports clothing store (except Champs those NFL lovin bastards..) you see as much Rider stuff for sale as you see Esks stuff.. and funny thing is the Riders gear is always sold out long before the Esks stuff sells out.


Couple years agon when i was in Mexico i wore my jersy into a sports restaraunt and 3 people comented on it and admited they to were Rider fans. I even got a few 13th man jokes thrown at me :lol:

Rider Nation Everywhere!!!

I would love a T-Shirt that said "I am part of the 13th man, stop me and say "hi"-"eh". Expatriated myself, in a land of oil and gas...and over rated CFL teams, there is not the same devoutness as walking downtown Moose Jaw or Melfort etc. but I am always happy to see a flag or t-shirt from the competition because that means they also support the best football in the world with all its quirks and flaws that can allow for a last place team to make it all the way to the championship from mid season. Truly Canadian in nature eh??
Ok! For weeks TV commentators have been warning that the Bombers are "putting a target on their backs" with all this SWAGGER...Even their coaches told the players to cut it out. Well no one has stepped to the plate (forgive baseball analogy) or should I say "stepped to the line of scrimmage" and driven blue swag so deep into the turf fibres that you couldn't even Shout it out!
Its Labour Day Time !! Its CLOBBER'n TIME!!

Lol there is alot of anger on the Bombers forum for a team thats winning. Was wandering on it today and saw you on there. Long time fan of the Green, havnt really been on any CFL forums so its about time I sign up. Im in Manitoba as well....the Green half (western MB) I think I see more green then blue and gold in the Brandon area :smiley:

Even though we are having a tough first half I wear my colors and will be wearing them at the Banjo Bowl :cowboy:

All i can say Ziggy is beware. Last year i went to the free press to see what fans were saying. While there i read an article that stated that the BB were going to copy the Riders in how they market thier team. Also, mentioned thst they want to get outside of Winnipeg where they have solely marketed the team for years. Trying to go to Brandon (where there are more Rider fans then BB fans, article was specific about that) and other large centres, to take the Winnipeg out of the WInipeg Blue Bombers.

Last years stop in Manitoba for the TSN Kraft Dinner Sports Center show, the crowd in the town (dont recall the name, was it Flin Flon) worn more Rider gear then any other team of any other league. Too funny.

Anyways, your support for the team is much appreciated.

Anger on the bomber forum is an understatement. For a team that is winning, they are spending a lot of time bad mouthing other teams and talking wayyyyyyyyyyy to much smack. But regardless, I have my rider colours on and the flag out front. And look forward to banjo bowl as well...Look out Section T..jayrock is coming.