Boris, you Be De man!

For sure; exhibit A from last night: Shaw, Grant.

J’ai également été surpris des difficultés de Shaw hier. En fait, je m’explique mal la quantité de transformations manquées. Ce n’est jamais qu’environ 36 verges et Shaw n’est pas censé être un mauvais botteur. J’imagine que les choses vont se replacer d’ici la fin de la saison.

J’ai également trouvé hier que quelques punitions pour obstruction étaient tirées par les cheveux, mais ça m’étonne moins de la part de la gang à Bradbury.

Love those kick offs in the end zone. Negates any return.

This is going to sound almost sacrilegious, but with Swayze Waters back and Toronto cutting K/P Ronnie Pfeffer, I would bring him in to compete with Bede. Pfeffer came out of nowhere to show he has a strong accurate leg.

Nothing against Bede, he has performed beyond expectations. But Pfeffer has the advantage of being a National and would allow the Als to dress Bowman or Cody Hoffman who Popp said in his conference is a week away from returning.

Normally I would agree, and suggest offering the guy a Practice Roster spot, but with Boris being a rookie would that play with his head? Would be good to have a guy in camp in case Boris pulls a muscle the day of the game.

Parfaitement d’accord. Bede fait tout un travail et on a finalement solutionné le problème du positionnement sur le terrain. Il domine dans presque toutes les catégories de la ligue, tout comme Logan cumule le plus verges sur les retours dans la LCF :rockin: Il ne reste qu’à “patcher” l’attaque correctement.

Wonder why he has more trouble with a point after, than with a FG from the same distance. Concentration?

We finally get a guy who does well at placekicking, punting, and kickoffs, and we’re thinking of kicking him to the curb just because he’s an international? Not a move I would make. There are ways to free up international spots on the roster without changing kickers. Sit one of the backup DBs or LBs, sit Rutley for a game (Sutton and Logan can carry the load just fine). Kicker is one of the most important positions on the team. Let’s not mess with a good thing just for the sake of ratio.

Not many ppl can kick the way he does. We should be thankful that we finally have a decent kicker. Give him time.

I have no issue with Bede. Didn't he just kick a 50 yarder ?

Entrevue intéressante sur le parcours de Bede.


I see where Popp wanted him last season, but Bede returned to Laval.

Interesting to speculate if we would have had him for last season`s Final.