Boris, you Be De man!

Bede is averaging 50 yds per punt, 42 yards net.

Last year the average was 45, and 36 yards net.

I don't see stats for kick-offs. However, last night the best starting position the Stamps got was within their 35 yard line. I can't remember an Als game in which the opposition had such consistently poor field position.

Boris also was able to find the corner, albeit around the 20 yard line.

He gave up one rouge, however It's not clear if that was the desired result at that point in the game.

Also perfect on FGs, with 49 as the longest, which BTW was the longest all last year.

Is having issues with points after, however.

Overall a significant improvement. It's great to have special teams, once again.

His PAT issues are largely the result of Bridge not placing the ball properly, I think.

Bede in 2015 - 75.9 avg on 8 attempts
Whyte in 2014 - 58.9 avg on 71 attempts

Its nice for us fans to see the team is using some very common sense managing their roster.

Yeah they've pointed out in the telecast than Bridge seems to be giving him the laces on occasion.. and they seem to coincide with when Bede misses. This initial extra point was also initially bobbled by Bridge and forced Bede to wait a half second for it, Bridge needs a lot of work in that aspect of the game.

Sadly for him, he should have more time to focus on that going forward.. I don't see him getting half the practice reps from now on.

As for Bede, just having that long punt late in the game to pin the Stamps back as they were mounting their comeback is exactly why he's such a better option than Whyte.. that's how you win games.

Pinning the opposition back at any point of the game is a plus. This has been refreshing to see so far.
What a difference!

A punter with a strong leg, a starting QB who doesn't make you want to wear a paper bag over your head, a legit non-decoy Canadian receiver, a credible kick returner being managed by a dedicated ST coach -- all the things we wanted to see this season. :rockin:

Kind of proves fans in this forum know their shiat. :smiley:

And also proves that maybe, just maybe, Jim Popp knows what he’s doing? :wink: He worked his tail off during the offseason to shore up the roster and it’s already paying off.

Bédé est en train de faire la démonstration que gagner la bataille du positionnement est plus payant que d'avoir un botteur de précision précis.

Si la défensive des Alouettes a réussi à limiter ses adversaires à si peu de points, c'est en grande partie parce que Bédé est capable de refouler l'adversaire loin dans son territoire. Je crois que Bédé nous réserve encore quelques belles surprises. Sur son placement de 48 verges, le ballon est allé choir dans une pancarte publicitaire derrière la zone des buts Ceci veut dire que Bédé a la puissance pour réussir un botté de placement de 60 verges.

Mais il faut admettre que c'est l'ensemble des unités spéciales qui s'est amélioré, hormis le teneur sur les bottés de placements, parce que Marsh est blessé. Bridge apprend le métier et il est possible que dans quelques parties, ces lacunes ne soient qu'un mauvais souvenir. Les schémas de blocage en retour de botté sont meilleurs qu'avant, Logan est un retourneur qui a une bonne vision du jeu en avant de lui, les couvertures des retours de bottés sont assez bonnes et le botteur fait de la distance. C'est une grosse amélioration et ça mérite d'être souligné.

[i]Yup, the dudes in this forum really know their shiat. And at least one guy is sometimes full of shiat! :smiley:

Ooops… :o [/i]

I'm curious about Sean Whyte's future with the Als...Is it too early to discuss? Any thoughts from the experts?

Two first round picks and a starting National DT.


Seriously, in a couple more weeks if Bede wins the Als’ long-term trust I could see JP entertaining offers if another team needs a placekicker who sorta can punt.

Im guessing the team will monitor Bede for a few more games, and if he continues to impress it wouldnt make good cap sense to keep Whyte.

And I don`t think Whyte will have much value, unfortunately for both him and the team. Chris Milo also out there now after being released by Sask. this week.

is a five year vet with the team and should be treated with respect. New rules really don't help him and this being the last year of his contract we won't get much for him in a trade. I think SW will be with the team for the whole ride.

Je préfère Sean Whyte à Colt David.

Plus, what happens if Bede gets injured? I think Whyte stays with us the whole year and deservedly so.

My previous comment was my expectation, and if someone comes calling I would see Popp looking to optimize his assets.
But I can agree with treating a vet with respect. However, if another team makes a practice roster move on a national that forces Popp’s hand, I could see Whyte being the victim.

Doubt Whyte would accept a practice roster transfer so it would be accepting a move to the injured list (to preserve his salary) or asking for his release; but of course that is my pretending to see inside SW’s head, so who really knows.

As Bede is an International, it is easier (not easy, but easier) to find a replacement if needed.

That said, unless someone comes calling or a National spot is needed on the 46-man roster ,I expect Whyte to stay in Montreal.

That’s true, but I don’t know that kickers in general are easy to find. It’s not like running back or linebacker where you can throw a stone and hit five quality guys from down south. Because there is only one (maybe two) kicker position on a team, there are fewer kickers available, and the ones that would be available are guys we don’t know, who have been cut (like Milo). Kavis would likely prefer Whyte, whom he knows at least, than a guy he’d have to spend time assessing. Sean might not be a great punter, but he’s a pretty consistent placekicker inside of 40 yards and that is not nothing these days, especially with the new convert rules.