Boris Bede

Is Boris Bede still cosidered an American?

Bede played for France in the IFAF American Football Euro championship.
I know he came into the CFL under different rules.
But if anyone should be considered a Global player it should be him.
At least he actually plays. So as for CFL 2.0 maybe someone in france may actually watch the Cfl

On that same note. Josh Bartel came in under the non-import rule and although he is from Australia. He is considered a National.
Same as Bede. If he was considered a Global player. Maybe someone in Australia may actually watch the CFL.
If the Commish can suddenly come up with this 2.0 crap.
Than he should make these exceptions to change said players status to global

Out of simple curiosity, steve, why do you split your comments up into multiple posts minutes apart?

This was raised earlier this season … apparently (rightly or wrongly) their current status is defined by the rules that existed when they joined the league

Ya. We are all aware of that ruling in the past & really didnt have an issue going from an non Import & import.
To a National & international tweek of the rules. Still had deserving guys playing regardless.
But now there is a seperate category. Global players that the commish kinda just pulled outa thin air with this 2.0.
American players are international players. But suddenly other countries have there own designation as Global players.
& teams are forced to carry these guys somewhere on the roster & their salaries dont count to the cap.
& there are hundreds & hundreds of Canadian & US players who deserve that spot.
If you dont get Football training as an amatuer in Universitsy in Canada or US or in Canadian Jrs.
Your really NOT LEARNING or prepared to play pro foitball