Boris Bede

We got him!! Holy crap!!! Bye bye Whyty Whyte!!

The only thing is his classification as an International. But if he can help us with field position yardage he would probably be worth a designated import spot.

Not so fast! Sean Whyte is a very good field goal kicker and I don't see Jim Popp releasing him. Bede could do the kickoffs,the punting major improvement compared to Whyte- and long field goal attempts.

To make room for this Int. player, the Als could,based on last depth chart, dress 1 less Int. RB, or 1 less Int. LB or 1 less Int. DB.


Is it a coincidence that we sign an international kicker right after we sign a national starting receiver? The last time we had an American handling kicking duties, Ben Cahoon was still on the roster...

Je crois que c'est effectivement une coïncidence.

Ses statistiques ne sont pas si impressionnantes, mais je crois qu'elles sont teintées par le fait qu'il jouait pour la plus grosse puissance du football universitaire canadien. Il est probablement meilleur que les seuls chiffres le disent.

HfxTC, est-ce que Bédé pourrait devenir un joueur national s'il obtenait la citoyenneté canadienne? :wink:

I know I'm a broken record here, but I cannot remember such a productive, efficient offseason from JP in years. It's one thing to spend like a drunken sailor on any free agent who looks promising; it's quite another to set goals for your roster and meet or exceed them on ALL fronts (trades, re-signings, FA signings, replacing coaches). All that's left is the draft. If Jim can hit a home run with Canadian talent, he'll have gone a LONG way toward rebuilding our roster and putting us in a position to challenge in the east. I guess I'm stressing this because I have a reputation here of being a killjoy and a "negative" person, which are unfair and selective judgments. So the next time you accuse me of being a downer, remember the times when I went out of my way to give the team credit where it was due. :wink:

On s'en rappellera, et on te le rappellera aussi... :rockin: :wink:

:lol: :lol:

En effet

The Laval Rouge&Or are very dominant and also very conservative. They rarely let Bede try FG past 40 yards, choosing to punt instead. (Only one attempt of 40+ yards last year)

Punting from the opp. 35-yard line is never good for your average! To give you an idea: 57 punts last year, 25 "inside the 20"! almost 50%!

Very good leg. Good height. (Laval coaches hate when the other team has a chance to return a punt). Ball position was far more important than pure distance. But he can still drive one 55+ yards over the returner one in a while. Very good with the "coffin corner"

Field Goal
Acurate inside 40 yards (31/36 over the last 2 seasons). Question mark over 40 (1/2 over the last 2 seasons!). Can make 50-55 yarder in practice.

He was always good under pressure, except for last year Dunsmore Cup when he did a great Scott Norwood impression with a 47-yard wide right FG try in overtime against the Carabins on the last play of the game.

No idea who youre talking about <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->, but Ill briefly try to explain why I`ve gotten frustrated at times.

It bothers me that there are not more fans posting. It is what it is however and is therefore my problem to deal with. And it would therefore bother me when the fans on the site (and Ive never accused anyone of not being a fan, it would perhaps be easier to accept if you werent) would take a negative slant on an as yet undefined situation.

Ill use the Mitchell signing yesterday as an example. You could say a) he did not produce last season, he has had all kind of on and off field issues, we dont need him, or b) he is a force in the middle of the d-line who will only improve our pass rush and has been a great teammate. Both are valid opinions at this point.

However if all present posters went a) it would bother me. If we were to have 25 a)s and 25 b)s it wouldn`t.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Doubt Whyte will be outright released, but if Bede shows he is solid from inside 40, as stated below, and that he is better at everything else then I don’t see Whyte on the roster. Otherwise, I could see a shared role to start the season.

Après vous avoir lus au sujet de Bédé, il m'est venu une question à l'esprit : se pourrait-il qu'il soit repêché par une équipe de la NFL?

Mais je crois que le fait qu'il ait signé un contrat professionnel le rend inéligible pour être repêché. Si quelqu'un a la réponse, elle sera bienvenue.

I believe once you sign a pro contract you would become ineligible to be drafted such as was the case with Duron Carter.

Je me demande si l'embauche de Bédé ne répondrait pas à une demande de Reed. Il connaît bien Whyte pour l'avoir vu aller depuis qu'il est dans la ligue et peut-être a-t-il déjà passé le message à Popp que pour améliorer les performances des nullités pas du tout spéciales des Alouettes, ça passait par un botteur plus puissant pour les dégagemnts et les bottés d'envoi.

Sans demander un joueur en particulier, Popp serait aller chercher Bédé pour voir s'il ne serait pas une bonne solution.

That's a good question. You may well be right. When he looks at film, Kavis has to be concerned that we have been conceding literally hundreds of yards in field position per game for years now. That wasn't so damaging during the Trestman era when Calvillo could basically lead us from our five-yard line to a red-zone score in one sustained, 8-minute drive, but these days, when our offence struggles with the basics and our D is on the field for 35 minutes a game at minimum, we can't afford to add to our misery with poor field position.

If not for anything, it will bring competition for Whyte and hopefully push both of them.

And if they get that far "l’imposant botteur de six pieds quatre pouces et 225 livres" (per RDS article) should have a better chance at taking down returners.

You sure about that ? Don't tell me he was too stupid to go get his citizenship ?

Right now Bede is clearly superior to Whyte for kickoffs and a better tackler. As for punting and place kicking it remains to be seen. But Bede is a great prospect. Hopefully for the Als he doesn't leave for the NFL after a year like John Ryan did.

That is not impressive at all. I would expect kickers with strong legs to reach 65-70 in practice like Swayze Waters.