This Bye week is extremely boring from a fan stand point. O sure we can cheer for Toronto and Hamilton this weekend but it’s not the same with no Game Day. Surely there must be some interesting points for discussion.

  1. Should Eric Tillman step down and let the team move on with a full time out in the public GM. Is he working at filling some of the voids on the team or is he concentrating on the upcoming court case?
    2)Speaking of filling the voids - I was watching “In the HUDDLE” on Access 7 in Regina and Rod Pederson said the Rider’s were in negotiations with Reggie Hunt’s agent to take this place of Kye Stewart. Couldn’t hurt I think.
  2. On the same show Matt Dominguez was the guest and kept hinting that he is in the best shape in over 2 years and is ready to play if called upon. Do we need Matt to suit up or do we have the receiving core to get the job done?
  3. Should Kavis Reed be replaced?
    Just a few thoughts.

I dont think tillman should step down, infact he should be brought back full time until after his court case, if he is guilty then gone if not then he stays.

Reggie Hunt In SASK NOW

I love Matt D but we really dont need him I feel bad for the guy because he loves this place. Well I guess maybe in a rotation stand point we could use him.

Absolutly Kavis Reed needs be replaced he is oblivous to the fact that SP teams isn't getting it done

I agree with you about Tillman. We need a full time guy at the helm and I see no reason to have him lurking around in the shadows as he has been forced to do.

Tillman should stay. There is no reason for him to leave before his trial is up.

If Hunt can play and we have a place for him, why not.

I'm afraid Matt D will not play for the Riders again.

I don't think canning Kavis Reed will make much a difference right now. I'm not a big fan of canning coaches during the season. Canning Reed will only realy make the fans happy until the next game. Then it will start again.

The Riders receiving core is really good, don't need Dominguez!

Keep Tillman

Bring on Hunt IF IF IF the price is right.

I get the impression Dominguez is okay with coaching and staying in shape while waiting to see if the RIders have a receiver go down. It seems he is thinking Riders or nothing which is fine with me. Imagine having Walker and Quinn go down some time after Labour Day and being able to bring in Dominguez.

Give Reed to the end of the year to prove it's the players and not the system.

I think they should bring back Dominguez-- The Riders could use his big 6'7 frame and sure hands.

Riders though probably have the best receivers in the game, Dressler is the fastest in the CFl and hardest to cover, fantuz is money when healthy, Getzlaf is pretty clutch and Robb BAGG is underrated and another cahoon in the making.

I think it would be great to bring back Dominguez as his leadership will help the Green Riders--

Green Riders should look at using Charles more at running back as he is younger and has more of a future than CATES who looks to be slwoing down.

Why would you bring back another salary, just for leadership? they have plenty of receivers! they have good talent everywhere!

they don't need to bring back Dominguez just because of that one reason. they are fine.

I think the price should be right - he's living in Regina and it's half way through the season. I'm sure a lower salary with incentive bonuses would have him wearing the green. I thought BC was going to pick him up but then they got Armour.

Apperently Dominguez grew over the winter. Lst Time he played I though he was closer to the 6'3'' 6'4" range

No comment on Tillman.

Hunt = yes.

Dominguez = no.

Reed = not yet.

Reggie Hunt was in meetings with Ken Miller today. It would seem his signing is almost a done deal.

Nothing will be done re: Tillman till AFTER his court case is complete. After the case is done, Tillman will be gone; if he's found guilty, he will be let go; if he is innocent, he will resign and move away. His reputation is tarnished; he'll never get a fair shake in Saskatchewan...sad to say, but true.

For Hunt, if he's willing to accept a reduced role, he'll be a great addition.

Dominguez: I'd like to see him back, but I'd hate for him to have another injury and do some serious damage to himself.

Reed: Unless the special teams get totally inept, he'll be here the rest of the year.

I don't think Tillman should resign, until he is convicted he should stay. If that happens take Miller with him!

Why have they stopped throwing to the Running Backs, especially Cates Deep. Use Charles more!

Nothing wrong with our return game when Dressler is back, Armstead is NOT Dressler.

Boreham has to punt the ball quicker, too many blocked punts.

Not a good feeling playing Bombers twice, anything less than 2 wins will be unacceptable.

This is great---

Riders are giving my boy Dominguez a tryout-- I think they can use him at wideout. We miss that big 6'7 possession receiver. K JOSEPH used to throw to dominguez all day long vs dante marsh on BC and he used to dominate--

HE can use his size and tower over db's and make those tough sideline catches all day long---

DOMINGUEZ all day long-------

I guess Reggie's meeting with Ken Miller was to tell him that we were going to stick with the guys we have for the time being. So no Reggie but maybe Matt.