Boring white Helmets and dull uniforms

I noticed in an Ottawa Sun photo today that the RedBlacks still have the white plain Jane helmets again this year. I certainly hope they get rid of it at some point and stick with the black one for the home and away games. Anyone know if there are plans to have more interesting uniforms this year or are we stuck with same ones from now on. I certainly hope they bring out some Rough Riders unis at some point.

give it a rest

What's your problem ? Why bother even replying if you have nothing positive to add. And then you go and retrieve an old string. Instead of posting a snide remark, why not just mind your own business.

I will say up front that I really hated those white helmets no questions asked. I liked the traditional Rough Rider helmets but when I saw them in game action esp live vs Montreal at Molson STadium, they look really good with the uniforms.

Thanks. I respect your point of view, at least it's constructive and gives a differnet point of view maybe if I saw them live, I would like them and would change my opinion. I'm only basing myself on the fact that Hunt has said in the past that there may be a heritage uniform that they will come out with. I just want to make sure the RedBlacks keep their promise. I love the old Rough Rider helmet though, very iconic and went well with any uniform.