boring season so far

Besides Toronto / hamilton and winnipeg / Montreal from week 1, and calgary / Saskatchewan from week 2, i'd say every game has been a dud through 3 weeks.

Perhaps because 4 eastern teams and edmonton look as if they are still in preseason mode, but I find myself having the game on, but not actually interested in these dull games.

Am I alone?

There is not a single Bomber game that I'm not interested in. I don't ever miss a game. I don't get how a fan watching their own team could say a game was boring. Disappointing if they put in a stinker, sure - but never boring.

There's a lot of offenses around the league that are misfiring right now, while the defenses are generally playing pretty well. It has made for some very sloppy games.

Hopefully things pick up.

It will get better. I agree it has been one of the worst starts the league has had in a very long time. Edmonton's two rain game haven't helped things either, but it's still better than baseball. I stopped watching baseball in the 90's because I spent more time reading the paper than watching the actual game.

I'll take a dull football game over baseball or soccer any day of the week and twice on Sunday (or Saturday).

With the Riders averaging 38 points per game, I havent found the season boring.

dg, seems a recurrent theme for you at the beginning of each year to say boring season. Try watching slow baseball where players stand around most of the time and no real contact. Now that is boring.

Ticats forum isn't boring either, you get idiots there trying to make their egos big by trying to pick a fight with Caretaker rather than talking football etc. lots of fun. 8)

Or golf, where the excitement is enhanced by all those close-ups of the ball flying through the air.

or darts, auto racing, bowling, race walking, figure skating, chess, poker, billiards, basketball, and curling (no offense Canuck fans) in my subjective opinion.

Last year was a great start to the season. Not sure what you're talking about, earl.

It has been a boring start to the season, if I discount the games that the team I root for isn't playing (Saskatchewan). I'll always find those games entertaining, but it's the games that I don't have a vested interest that haven't been all that entertaining so far.

I'm a lot more interested than I thought I would be. I was glued to Calgary/Montreal the other night. Not a lot of scoring but that game was dramatic and intense.

See I don't care about the score. I care about the tension more than anything. Whether it's 50-48 or 3-2 or 35-0, Kyries Hebert knifing through the line on the blitz all night is something to watch. Stamps trying to mismatch Lewis on Chip Cox is something to talk about. I was amazed at how good Calgary's man coverage was. Play after play, it astounded me. Wondering if AC would ever get past his first look in the progression. Knowing that the Als offense is under an extreme microscope to perform made the tension thick. That in itself was big drama. Sinopoli moving to receiver and making a one-handed grab. This is all stuff that I appreciate about football. And THEN the blocked kick ...

22-14 at the end so no one cares, but there was a TON of stuff in that game.

I care about the quality of play, and I haven’t seen much of that so far.
Especially the east.

Sports is about competition and I've seen some great catches ie. Sinopoli, great runs ie. Charles and the back from Winnipeg, forget his name both agains't us etc. I don't have a clue what you're talking about actually, not a clue. But I've come to expect lines like this from you, par for the course.

...depends, is there someone sitting nearby?

I agree some of the games haven't been the greatest, but after watching your team go 3-0, I can't honestly say its been boring... especially going out to the lake(Buffalo Pound) to watch the Riders/Esks with friends... was a great time. I would say the excitement for me was who I was watching the games with and where...

i agree it is boring and it is showing at all the stadiums except Sask, just look at all the seats aviliable

Well it is July lots of people away two games in monsoon conditions it usually takes the offence a few more weeks to catch up to the D i think August will be much better.

Umm Winnipeg :roll:

You are right, maybe they need a 4 game pre-season. Another problem is the lack of talented non-imports, just not enough talent coming out of the CIS , teams are playing these guys that just aren’t ready. They are expecting inexperienced NI offensive linemen to protect the talented imports and for the most part it’s not working. Wait until next year when not just 8 teams are trying to fill their .NI ratio but 9.

2 preseason games is perfect, anything more no thanks. I find preseason in any sport boring, games don't mean much and as a season ticket holder, I sure don't want to have to pay for that.