Boring "Football" Team

Boring. That's about all I have for them this morning which is more effort than I got from them last night. Boring. Boring Dane, Boring Tommy, Boring offense. Boring second half. Boring. I 'd add more but I'm too bored. Football at it's ugliest.


The first half was entertaining, they looked like a competent team, then the 2nd half.

And i have no issue with a boring play style as long as it results in wins.


The first QUARTER, not the first HALF. The Ticats offence did the following in the second quarter:

Possession already in progress from the first quarter - converted 2nd and 1 from the Toronto 25, then ran for 2 yards and threw an incompletion before kicking a 28 yard FG to go up 13-0

First full possession - Shiltz 1/2 for 6 yards, 2 and out, punt - likely the wrong time for Shiltz given Evans was rolling quite nicely until this point. Evans was out for two Toronto possessions, the Shiltz possession, and the change of quarter TSN commercials. Too long a break when you’re feeling it.

Second full possession - Jackson runs for 11 on first down, then Evans goes 1/2 for 7 yards, punt

Third full possession - Jackson runs for 6, Evans incomplete, punt for a rouge from Toronto 45 - net 5 yards and 1 point on the exchange - very costly mistake on the punt. Instead of pinning them deep we set them up at their 40 from where they go on to kick a FG making it a 1 score game.

Final full possession - Jackson runs for 2 yards, Evans to Dunbar for 1 yard, punt, time expires.

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Certainly the easiest team for opposing defenses. Too predictable.

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The 'Boring Play Style' was implimented decades ago by Famed University Football Coach I.B. Boring during Idaho Football's five year long Potato Bowl Championship run.

Though wildly successful, Boring's Coaching Days ended abruptly in the 1960's when he was terminated for sleeping with the club mascot... Serta Sleep Sheep #2 who admittedly was the cutest pretend sheep in the herd. Later the revolutionary 'Boring Play Style' was put to bed when it was discovered that none of Boring's Football Assistants were able to stay awake long enough to learn his system. Offensive Coordinator Rip Snoring quipped, "Boring was a good man but in the final analysis, around these parts Sheep are just too darned sexy."

'Boring Football' in Idaho would never again be as exciting to watch.


american college football , and nfl preseason football is more entertaining then cfl regular season .

Here is something to maul over, when the cats were 0-8 with Austin they brought in june jones, and he put an offense together with that was amazing. Later jones leaves and they bring back the ole offensive coordinator and he uses the pieces June jones created, to make his plays work. Well now the pieces aren't there any more, and the offensive coordinator has no clue on what do to , and neither does the coach and gm. so now cats fans be prepared for another losing season because the players they have now will probably leave next year to get on a winning team, and the cats will be how do I say rebuilding with the the grey cup in Hamilton. lets see if they prove me wrong

US College and NFL pre-season ISN'T more entertaining than a CFL regular season game. Don't get caught up in the hype of those two types of football.

US Colleges run basic offences just slightly complex from high school levels. it includes mostly run plays.

NFL pre-season is a ore. It's mostly bubble guys trying to make the NFL roster. it's stars and 1st stringers never play in those games for fear of injury


better players, better coaches, in NFL . also more exposure with tv revenues, and the majority of the players in the cfl are cast offs who couldn't make it in the nfl, or are at the end or near the end of their nfl carreers and lets be serious here, high school is not any where close to where or what offences are in the university and college football in the states.

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Now you're changing the goalposts. You said PRE-SEASON, not regular season or playoffs.

Way to denigrate the CFL. Football is football. You can have you precious NFL that gave a quarter of a billion dollars to a sexual predator while giving the middle finger to female fans everywhere. Better players yes, better human beings, NO.


whats the problem , I thought we were talking football. you are going off on something that has nothing to do with the sport of football. besides there are problems with players with every league from time to time . now pls lets get back to the subject of football.

Now you're deflecting. You started the debate.

The NFL is a cesspool on human degradation with known dubious players like OJ, Arron Hernandez, Rae Carruth, DeShaun Watson. You'll never see the CFL employ such bad characters, it they did, those players are out of the league, See Johnny Football.

But anyway, enjoy your NFL

[quote="DaveDaHammer, post:11, topic:79895"]

Now you're deflecting. You started the debate.

The NFL is a cesspool on human degradation with known dubious players like OJ, Arron Hernandez, Rae Carruth, DeShaun Watson. You'll never see the CFL employ such bad characters, it they did, those players are out of the league, See Johnny Football.

But anyway, enjoy your NFL


Pls can we stick to the subject of football, I only enjoy talking about the sport, not the a holes who ruin the sport for other players and fans and give the leagues a bad name..... lets look at it this way, if Winnipeg played an nfl team , they would get their first loss. their is not any question about the quality of players , coaches and plays in the nfl, and University and college football in the states. Example .. Lucky white head , was let go from Dallas cowboys after playing for them . he ran back kicks. he isn't good enough to play in the NFL but is almost a standout player in cfl. why is that?

Is that Freudian or what ?

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It sure looks like it. But he's got an escape claws.


I only want to talk football , but it seems I can't get any takers on the subject.

I think you meant to say "mull over" however maul over seems more aligned with your views of the Cats , their coaches and players . It struck me as a Freudian slip . To each his own .
Keep the faith Cat fans . :+1:

Any relation to I.M. or U.R. Boring?

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The Bombers could beat the Jags in either 3 down or 4 down football because the Jags are disorganized operation.

Jason Garret is a reason that Lucky ain't in the NFL. He was misused by Garret. Garret is a shitty coach. He once froze his own kicker in a game against the Arizona Cardinals. Garret's best offense philosophy is hand clapping

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I hated his hand clapping ,....... and spitting . I never saw a coach spit like him. It seemed every time the camera was on him he spit . My wife likes football too and she hated him for that.... maybe his philosophy was :..... goodplay , handclap ...,bad play,
he spit.

Coaching NEEDS to be better.
They don't have to entertain us but they need to do a better job.

Football is a sport where good coaching makes a bigger difference than most.
in the second half and deep in Toronto's end I thought we were in 3 down territory to score a TD.
Especially when we threw another short pass completion well short of a 1st down.
BUT no, 28 yard FG.

Get a punter who has no clue what he is doing. he really doesn't. Mis-kicks, low driving placement kicks that he has no clue where they are going. he was horrible Saturday. AGAIN.

Get some play calls right, and get a punter.

Get it together, time to show some urgency that is not on display.