Boreham's injury the most critical one...

Sounds like he could be out for a few more weeks. I think we need to bringa guy in who can punt right away. Every time we punt with Congi we are giving up 10-20 yards field position. If we punt a half dozen times a game that's one full length of the field which basically equals putting the other team in scoring position twice per game. I think if Borham is out and we do not bring someone in, we can kiss a home playoff date goodbye. Calgary will get first and B.C is coming on strong. Worst case scenario we finish thrid and get bounced out in B.C.


anyone else agree with me? shut dressler down for the year, bring in a punter right now, when Boreham is good to go, deactivate the punter and activate another reciever. I have to admit I don't really understand all the roster rules in the CFL but if there is a way we can address the punting situation it has to be NOW

Its not Congis punting that concerns me, its his ability to do kickoffs. Thats where the real loss is

Admitted Congi is not as strong a punter as Boreham but much of the punting problems were do to O'Day having to do long snaps because Frenette was out with the flue. Many of the snaps for punts had to be ackwardly fielded by Congi and he was lucky to even get several of them off.

so dusty you don't feel that our kicking situation needs to be addressed?

I agree it could be a problem but given a decent long snapper I think Congi would have been better and given another week of practise I think Congi will be able to fill in for Boreham for the week or two more he will be out. Besides where do you think we could find a decent punter in the CFL this late in the season? The replacement would have to be familiar with CFL rules as they are so different for special teams compared with the NFL so an NFL cut would not be the answer. Maybe BC will cut Paul after his poor performance this weekend but I really don't forsee that happening.

I think we make the best of a bad situation until Boreham is back in the lineup.

I agree. I don't think Congi's punting was all that bad (exluding the two that went out of bounds) considering that the snaps were either high or low. With Frenette back in next week I think the punts will be better. He has to work on the kick offs though.

Don't we have the UofR punter on our practice roster? If he is, and Boreham is out, USE THE GUY!! The kid is more used to kicking at Mosaic than Congi.

Keep in mind: In our second pre-season game (in Regina, against Calgary), Boreham and Congi shared punting duties. Both punted 4 times and Congi had an over 48-yard average: I don't remember details (who kicked into what kind of winds, etc.) but I'm not at all convinced that Congi cannot punt. In a game like this weekend, average doesn't mean alot when half the punts were from the opponent's side of the field where the goal was to hit the corners, not to kick it deep. Looking at average alone is much too shallow of an analysis.

The stats were a bit skewed by Congi’s last punt where he try to roll out and kick it on the run ala Boreham. I think that kick went 35 yards sideways and about 15 yards down the field straight to the Argo bench.

His kickoffs were alright considering the conditions and the fact that we haven’t seen Boreham kick in the same conditions yet this year. A frozen football doesn’t go as far.

Looks like Riders management agrees with me as they have two new punters in practice this week, on Canadian, one American

doesn't anyone remember the season before we had Noreham, and how abysmal Congi's punting was. Love the guy, and I wouldn't replace him as a placekicker, but how homerish can we be to insist that he is a good punter.

just looked it up. the 2006 before we brought Boreham in to do Kickoffs and Punts, Congi was dead last in both categories out of guys who took the majority of the reps for each respective team.

Most of the practice reports say he punts well in practice, maybe all he needs is a little competition to push him. Nothing wrong with bringing in some competition.

Congi when he is at his best would be no more than just an average punter and below average on kickoffs. He does not have a great leg in terms of strength and rarely does he boot field goals from further out than 45 yards unless there is a gail force wind in his back.

Lossing the field position game when Congi did both jobs as a rookie I think played a big part in the 'Riders have a poor season that year (that and Kerry Joseph's bum knee). He should have known how to do all the jobs. He did them in the CIS.

This kid from Utah Louie Sokoda looks interesting. He was considered to be the best NCAA kicking prospect in 08/09. He was not drafted and did not stick with any one down south but I think that was because he is only 5'9" and the NFL does like "little people," which probably means that his "upside" is limited in NFL thinking, (ie he is already as good as he ever will be in terms of leg strength). But he was a great NCAA kicker.

It would be nice if the 'Riders could find someone who could do all jobs with minimum anxiety with just one pay cheque and roster spot. The 'Riders could always stash someone away which Mr. Tillman knows how to do like BC did with Sean Whyte in case of an injury. In an emergency on game day, Steven Jyles could fill in till the next game which he did in the NCAA.

Because this silly website will not allow edits after a certain time period... Sakoda had a 85% completion rate on field goals and averaged well over 40 yards on punts with a great hang time. He did not do kickoffs though, which may be a bit of a concern.

Luca did an excellent job today. The single point that Suitor was critizing him for actually left us in a position to tie the game.
His punts were in the mid 40 range which is similar to Boreham and his kickoffs were also good. I think Luca will be the man until Jamie is back in game shape.

Yep, nothing wrong with Luca’s punting or kickoffs yesterday. Dales had a career game punting, but Luca’s average wasn’t that far behind.