Boreham's Got to Go!!!!!

Okay it's half time were only down by 3 we could be up by three on two easy to make field goals and here is Jamie "HANK THE SHANK" Boreham this guy has missed three consecutive field goals in two games, critical points, it's time to kick this guy out of Hamilton. Some fans compared this guy to Ozzie, No way, not even close, this guy is one percent of Ozzie maybe. If Ozzie came back even in his worst game he would out kick Boreham. You had your chance more than once Jamie, it's time Marshall to bring in the real thing by giving our fans a great feild goal kicker, every other team seems to find one how about us. No more points should be lost in a professional game like the CFL, get a decent kicker please, please, please.

Make that 5 missed FGs. Bad game for Jamie.

This is supposed be professional football. The guy is nice, sweet, has potential etc etc, but he needs to be successful at his job.

Time to bring in MacCallum or Kellett for a look see they certainly can't be any worse.

Boreham Snoreham stinks.

1 bad game... all great players, no matter what position have a bad game from time to time

Yes definately he has to go enough is enough, remember Matt Kellet last year with Ottawa even with one eye he never kicked this bad. Bring in Matt!!!

Wake up, yopu say one bad game???? Let's see two so far this season for Boreham and we have only played two games!!! Time for a change we have suffered enough bad kicking and missed opportunities. Bring in Matt Kellett or any available kicker, my horse can even kick better than Boreham and with more range and acuracy.

Boreham is the worst kicking in the CFL. I hope the door does not hit him to hard on the way out. Good bye Boreham… You cost us the game. 9 points. Could of changed the face of the game…

i was at this question tho...

WHY is boreham still playing in the CFL?...this guy missed 3 field goals ( maybe more, after i left early )

he missed from 35, 40 and 45....last week, in toronto he missed from 25....this guy sucks!

i yelled out 'CUT OF HIS LEG', and the crowd around me agreed.

ps...did he miss more after i left around the 5 minute mark?

Nopers, they did not let him try. lol They went for it on 3rd down all the time...

yeh dude, this guys brutal... last year he hit 80 percent.., then in preseason missing from 15.. and 12 out.. now every 1 this game, we woulda bin tied in the 3rd if he hit all 3.. BRUTAL! TIME TO GO BOREHAM.

Jaime is a super nice guy. That being said being a super nice guy doesn't help you kick fieldgoals and win you games. I think Jaime has had more than his fair share of time to develop. I think a new kicker needs to be found ASAP.

Boreham does not show any sense of urgency as he prepares for a field goal attempt. Even he has admitted that he feels no pressure when he lines up for a FG.

That says it all .....

Bring in dana Seguin or Mike ray, Boreham has not produced. The time has come to release Jamie and move on.

boreham girl is not even defending him now..haha



its to bad we drafted yet another offensive l;ineman with our firstround pick! we could have taken Luca Congi before saskatchewan did, hes a good canadian kicker who grew up in Waterloo, Hamilton would have bin a good place for him! :slight_smile:

Last year Boreham finished his 2005 season with a 71.6% field goal completion percentage (23 for 32)
He started out 8 for 8, or 9 for 9 mostly on 20-30 yard attempts and hurt the rest of the season.

I think Duncan O'Mahoney is a free agent and a MUCH better option.
He can also punt thus freeing up a roster spot!

Greg Marshall has shown he is loyal to his players.

Look where it got Pat Quinn!!

Let's support the guy. The kicks at the end of the half were from 42 and 46 yards, not exactly easy. Let's be (within reason) positive...

Last night, Yeast looked good. That's right, YEAST! His blocking was noted.

The team looked good, and the offence was creative. If we had a slightly better MLB, I think that we would look quite strong at the moment.