borehams back

wht do you gusy think aboutt borehams back? if bothr him for 2 weekss why didnot get meyers soonr?

I THINK I can decipher your post. Without being able to read Boreham's mind, I would speculate (I say again SPECULATE) that he may have been hiding or working through this "injury". Besides, we had Ruffin in camp until recently.

I quote Ron Lancaster...

"I dont know whether or not Jamie is healthy, we are making this change right now."

Making the change because he feels based on past performance that he lacks the ability to kick crucial 40+ yarders in needed situations.
Makes sense to me.

You can read into that quote what you like, but it sounds like Coach Lancaster's word is final. One thing you cannot accuse him of is sitting on a fence... lol

Maybe he's claiming injury now so that he can go on the injured list instead of being cut. That way, he'll still get paid--- for awhile anyway.

An Argo fan

I think he has the same thing Ed Belfour had late last season. A bad case of backup-itis. Symptoms show up as soon as you are benched. :lol:

Oh, you scared me there. I thought you meant Boreham's back in the lineup.

Worry about your own team because as of right now they are tied for last place with us - and they still S**K :rockin:


"We're just going to sit him," coach Ron Lancaster says with that patented finality of his which suggests he's growing impatient. "He's going to stay on the reserve list. If you can't kick, you can't play.

"Myers is getting confidence. What's nice, is every time he hits it, he hits it well. It makes that nice sound coming off his foot and he's been as accurate as you can ask.

"If Jamie is going to get back in the race for the kicking job he's going to have to get healthy and start kicking.

"Otherwise, it's pretty well done: Mark will do the kicking."

Be honest now. Position by position, is there any TiCat you'd take over an Argo? Just wait'll Damon gets back. He's the stick that stirs the drink.

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WR: Flick
SB: Vaughn
RB: Holmes (even over RW)
QB: Maas/Eakin
FB: Radlein
G: Hudson
HB: Goss/Cody
MLB: Broks
OLB: Mariuz
D-Line - all of them

Does that answer your question, BF? l0l

:lol: :lol:

Odd that Jamie would refer to Lancaster as a doctor.

"I can only kick when I'm allowed to kick. Right now, the doctor says to rest."

Sorry it took me a while to respond. I had to stop laughing first.

SB--Bruce III
WR--Soward or Baker
RB--Williams or Avery
G--St. John or Mihelic

So there!

An Argo fan

Can we agree that we both have great players on our teams? (even though my players are better... SO THERE!!!) :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure Sigpig. After all, all players are created equal. Mine just happen to be a little more equal than yours. :lol:

An Argo fan

Oh ya? MY dad can beat up YOUR dad... lol

Besides, we don't want to get into a dabate over I.D. vs Evolution, do we? :wink:

Glad to know that BF is pleased with his team.

Vaughn has made 10 catches in a single game...Arland Bruce, that pillar of the community....hmmmm!
Say what you like about stats (which are admittedly "mostly for losers") but DJ Flick is a "comer" and a go to game guy. Sorry, I don't see anything like that with the Boatmen, outside of PinBall himself.
A questionable one year man called Williams, who has yet to show his stuff, and the invisible Avery versus the "stand out" performance of Corey Holmes, the potential of AD, and, once he is healthy again, Ranek...dunno where BF is off to with this, but its plain that anyone going Argo on this point is full of what makes the grass grow GREEN

Now I have a great deal of respect for Damon Allen, but such being said I had the same for Matt Dunigan...and while we will not have a QB that has the "history" of Damon, we have two with a good deal of both "smarts" and "potential". Right now, Allen is "down" since Play Two of the Season, and is every bit as likely to go down from his next hit. Spurgeon Wynn is every bit as vulnerable, and there doesn't seem a replacement there, so I'd say we are a lot more capable...

I'll take Julian over just about any FB in the League (including Johnson, BTW, who isn't bad) Lets let him get fully healthy and netted in with Maas and the OLine, and we'll be really good.

Our OLine is brand new to the team, let alone one another. We'll get past this. Toronto's OLine is getting a bit "elderly", and is thus going to be vulnerable to injury, let alone prolonged playing time...

The way Tay Cody is playing just now, let alone Jason Goss, Toronto has got nothing to compare...

You gotta love Mike O'Shea, he's certainly a competitor. Such being said, he's slowing down, even more than his weakness against the run has previously shown. Brooks is a top MLB prospect and out there showings us why. Advantage: Hamilton.

You've likewise got to like Fletcher as a player at the LB position. The same will apply to Mariuz, who's giving it everything on both Defence and Special Teams. Fletcher's gone down with an injury once already, and that would give Mariuz the "edge" on toughness and "value".

Any fan of the Argo's got rocks in their head to try and compare their defensive line favourably to Hamilton's. Admittedly, our "pit bulls" periodically take penalties for "over agression" that we don't like the results of, but I'll accept that and take them as a group over anything Toronto can offer.

Sorry to the TO fans out there, but 2006 is not going to be "happening" for are in a downspin cycle this year, and will need to wait for 2007 to bend the rules of overspending and forgetting to renew players...

Its going to be a tough year to get Hamilton patched together as a workable unit, but I do believe that we have the "horses" to get it done...