Borehamgirl's bet...

It's the bet that Borehamgirl wishes she had never made.

Read all about it here:

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Poor Borehamgirl :lol: You must never let your guard down 8)

Knowing Tina, her essay reminded me of someone being held hostage. :slight_smile: But as the saying goes "if you say something often enough you will start believing it" :stuck_out_tongue:
You know, things like "Argo fans are the most knowledgeable" "and Toronto REALLY is the center of the universe" :smiley:
It will become easier everyday. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d almost offer to help her, but… while I can say a lot about the nice city and denizens of Toronto, there’s no way I could write about the Argos.

I think Borehamgirl is like Norm from Cheers. Remember when the gang would walk into another bar or a bowling alley, and everyone would still shout out NORM! And Norm would offer an excuse, such as "Sammy shuts down on Christmas." His friends all assumed he spent all his time with them, but in fact he was a regular in multiple websites (I mean bars).

LMAO!! Just call me Norm :smiley:


I understand that Borehamgirl lost a bet to you, but it's wrong of you to come to the site and gloat.

Basically, you've entered our house and are mocking one of our family members.

Okay, so she had to create an Argo Avatar? Yeah, funny stuff. But do you really have to bring it here?

I mean... How would you like it if someone created a custom Avatar for you?

Not so funny now, huh?


LOL :lol: classic.

Very good.

Poor, poor BG.

She even had to mention the name of her favourite team not from Hamilton. No more "Anti Blue Team" rants now BG!!!

Serves you right for going to that site...tsk tsk.

There's a lot of dirty, dangerous places on the Internet. And Borehamgirl has been to one of the worst.

.....can't someone invent an Argo Spam filter? Anything blue and white should be banned from the world.
(Argo's / Maple Laff's and the BJ's!!!)

.....I said pardon. :lol:

Thanks for the support guys :roll: It was my duty to defend the team, entirely NOT my fault that I lost that bet. I'd do it again in the name of the Ticats' honour :stuck_out_tongue:

I bet you would :o

so very priceless. This would be like me having to sing the praises of the Stamps....DANGER

Watch out for that crafty internet, it'll get you every time!! :lol: