Boreham traded

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Maybe Conji will be sticking around

If Congi hasn't played by now, I doubt he ever will.

Sorry to say. Love the guy, but I will be shocked if he ever suits up again.

Yes, but they will retain two kickers and I hesitate in logic that would have an import on the roster when you have two ni around.....unless conji is truely done

By all reports, Congi is pretty much back to where he was before - solid and fluid kicking motion in practices, rarely missing, etc. It may not be a regulation of the League but every team has to have two kickers on the roster - it's insane not to.

exactly. Plus both can punt or kick, and are Canadian. I feel for Johnson, because he deserves to play, but ratio is a big deal, and you gotta stock up on NI where you can.

Will miss Johnsons hang time and quotes in the paper. He'll land somewhere in the CFL.

Johnson's hang time was nice, but it also caused up to get A LOT of 15 yard no yards penalties, with Milo punting he does the same distance, a little less hang time, but the guys are getting there at the right time so his net yardage is likely much higher.

who needs a Kicker?

I dunno off hand.


why? Milo is doing fine.

They don’t trust him past 40 yards.

1 minute to go, Sask 23 Argos 20, 3rd and 7 on the Argo 35. They punt.

If that were Congi, they kick for the 6 point lead and force Toronto to score a major. Any other team would do that. McCallum, Medlock, Whyte … no brainer.

Congi has come off the 9 game and hasn’t seen a down in 4 must win games. That says a lot. I don’t think he’s recovered. Of course now, the season is over, so I guess stick with Milo, he could use the experience.