Boreham to Edmonton

8) The Edmonton Eskimos have announced that they have signed veteran Canadian kicker Jamie Boreham to a contract.
  Details of the contract were not released.

Good for Jamie. I wish him all the best.

8) I just knew you would be happy with that news, Banshee. :wink: :lol:

Odd move as EDM has two k/p s already which prompted the Medlock deal.

What can I say, Tip, in the end these guys are people and many of them are great guys. Besides, he's not a blue teamer anymore so that's a good thing. A little over 4 years ago I started cheering for the Esks when they aren't playing the Ticats. It's part of the deal. :smiley:

edit : EDM has three K/Ps already two of them CDN. Tillman is a hoarder ?

And many believe they'll draft K/P Hugh O'Neil.

Also in the mix; SB Anthony Parker - LB Henoc Muamba - OL Matt O'Donnell.

The Eskimos should draft O-Line. Protection for Ray has been poor for years.

I'm glad Tillman is back in the league. Eskies will be back to normal in no time. They were my childhood team prior to converting to God's team.

I'm not, the guy is a pervert. He shouldn't have been allowed anywhere near this league, in my opinion.

You are either misinformed or harbouring an ulterior motive for saying such a thing.


I’m just curious.


As I said a while ago, Boreham is one of those guys who works hard for any team he's on and will have a lengthy career in the CFL just as we are currently witnessing......GMs typically aren't dummies and know the value of certain types of players to their team.

Good On Jamie for keeping his nose to the grindstone . 8)

Boreham has a connection with Kavis Reed from their days here in Hamilton.

They were together in Saskatchewan as well.

Jamie seems to be slowly working his way back to his home stomping grounds in BC.....I know his family would sure love that.

He needs to slow down on his tackling of returners though. I've never seen a kicker with an ability to hit people the way he's scary quite frankly. :expressionless:

I know his job is to bring the guy down if he's the last man, but he usually launches himself at the returner right in the thick of things like a middle linebacker. It's cool that he does that, but at the same time, it's really dangerous for him.

As his punts are so short and about 12 feet off the ground he ends up being one of the first tacklers purely by accident.