Boreham Released

Why not bring J B to camp to compete?

Because we’re trying to get better.

Remember…Obie always says, “Better is better”.

Why would you bring in someone who is known to be worse…if not terrible.

Is any worse than what we saw last season?

Good pro's often take several years to develop, give him another look is all I'm saying. He is the best at recovering his own squib kicks , not a bad thing to have in the O.C.s or S.T.s bag of tricks.

Yes. Wilbur had a 43 yd. avg. usually with great hang time - top four in the league. With Boreham you are guaranteed to do worse.
Significantly worse.

Can Wilbur place kick?

Uh, yes. Did you watch any games last year ?

He hasn't done FGs since highschool (He was strictly a punter at Florida). While they did let him try a few long distance FGs in practice, the only "kicking" he did last season was a few kickoffs and was not very impressive. Although Boreham has always had a top kickoff leg, he has been near the bottom for both FG and P average.

A "few" kickoffs ? Try 25. Took the job outright from SD.
Who said anything about Wilbur kicking FGs ?. Point massdestruction was making with JB (i think) was kickoffs. The only thing remotely worthwhile in Boreham is kickoffs but team doesnt need that if Wilbur can.
Boreham kicking FGs ? seriously ? That train left the station years ago . Dont think any team has let him attempt one never mind make one since he left here.
Cant do it . Never could.
For the sake of ratio space Boreham just doesnt deliver enough in fact would be a detriment.

Massdestruction did:

And you replied:

So how many games did you watch last year in which Wilbur place kicked ?

I would honestly prefer Osbaldiston coming out of retirement with his giant belly to boot punts rather than sign Boreham again.

Wilbur is the most athletic kicker I have ever seen in the CFL. Even more athletic than Setta before his back injury.

Every game, all 25 in fact.

Placekicking includes kickoffs.
Learn football terminology if you want a discussion.
Then come on back when you think you're ready.

Well sorry, when someone refers to place kicking to me it suggests field goals as opposed to kickoffs, but I suppose you have a point there.

And I agree with you. . . I am very very impressed with Wilbur.

For a guy who has barely place kicked in his life Wilbur did ok. Its something that could more than likely be improved on.

Don't be sorry, you are absolutely correct...While most place kickers also do kickoffs, the term is really associated more with FG kicking, which is what I am sure Massdestruction was refering to originally. I'm not sure what Zontar seems to be so angry about but...While Wilbur did hold the kickoff job very briefly (And yes, 25 kickoffs IS a few), he was less than stellar (Including a few out of bounds) and lost the job for the rest of the season.

Just because some people think placekicking is FGs only doesn't make it right.

Gave MD the benefit of the doubt (and still do) because I just can't see how a reasonably intelligent fan could seriouly think about letting JB attempt FGs again. when no team has allowed or have been even interested in him to even try to be a FG kicker again since he left here 4 years ago.

It's not anger. It's fustration when people's opinions expect to be taken seriously when they don't know what they're talking about then get offended by people who at least have a clue.

And when you look at last season's net punting stats, you'll see Wilbur had the best net punting yard average among those who punted regularly last season. In fact, here are some interesting net punting yard stats from last year:

Name Team No. Net Yards Avg

WILBUR, E HAM 85 3,236 38.1
PALARDY, J WPG 27 968 35.9
BOREHAM, J TOR 91 3,019 33.2

[url=] ... /year/2010[/url]

So yes, Boreham would be quite a downgrade.

And I can't see Boreham taking the place of DeAngelis either. Sandro does need competition as he's forgotten how to kick FGs. But it might be best for that competition to not come from someone who never was that good at kicking FGs in the first place.

That competition could come from Wilbur. Here is a video of him punting and attempting FGs and kickoffs:

The FG attempts begin at 5:16 of the video. There didn't seem to be much wind there on his FG attempts. But he might be given a chance.

I'd like to see Boreham back to give it another shot in Hamilton.

Just like Morreale, Jamie was run out of Hamilton by some overzealous haters. Morreale was superb on his return to Hamilton.

"Fans" tried to do the same with Ozzy is I recall

I wouldn't wish that on him for all the chocolate at Hershey's lol.


Boreham's own play wrote his ticket out of here and elsewhere. It wasnt fans it was multiple coaches and gms who all agreed team needed to look elswhere for K/Ps.

Bollocks? Really?! Although I would not like to see Boreham back in Hamilton, I am in complete agreement with deerhunter on a couple of issues...While Boreham's stats were not outstanding during his time here, I too believe he was helped out of town by overzealous hating "fans" who made themselves quite vocal! I too remember "fans" booing Ozzy...You know, the best kicker in Tiger Cats history who helped us win multiple Grey Cups! Heck, there are some "fans" who have started the same garbage with Sandro...You know, the best kicker in CFL history, after a 76% season! That's 76%, NOT 56%! Like it or not, Ivor Wynne is one of the toughest, if not THE toughest stadium for kicking in the entire league! There is a reason why in the long history of this team, only 4 times has a kicker had an 80% season...4 times (and Ozzy did it twice)! I agree with zontar that whether or not the player is a nice guy should not be the reason to keep or cut him, but honestly, does anyone really think that booing a player will make him play better?! And zontar, I asked you earlier and I'll ask again, why do you seem to be so angry? For someone who professes to be an educated fan, you sure come across as one of the "fans" both deerhunter and I have described!