Boreham released by the Eskimos

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markhmasters Mark Masters
#Esks release DB Lenny Walls, DL Neil Puffer, K Jamie Boreham and DL Michael Stadnyk #CFL

Oski Wee Wee,



WestJet packages are available, complimentary CFHOF ticket possible...LOL

Oski Wee Wee,


What will Banshee do if we sign Boreham?

LOTS of possible answers to that question...

I think missing FGs to the right with "Reunited" blaring from a boom box may be out...

:D :D :D

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Forget Boreham, I REALLY want Lenny Walls.

Don't you want to know if he's healthy first? He only played 5 games last season before going on the 9 game IR. I thought it was an ankle injury but the Esks' sites says leg.

Obviously I want him healthy, that's for the staff to determine not me.But a healthy Lenny Walls would be an instant upgrade over any DB we've already got.

Walls was one of their best DBs before he got hurt and Tillman did a salary purge in February-March so if it was a cap issue he probably would have been dumped then. Just makes me wonder whether there is a problem with Walls' leg still.

Been there, done that, lost the 15 games

I hope that's not the reason, but what harm could a try out do right?If he's broken, don't bother.If he's a Stala case where people are afraid to take a chance because of a previous injury, then by all means sign him and bring him to TC for a serious look.Stala has to be one of the best rolls of the dice, at least in the Obie era.

If it was the Walls of 2009 maybe. It was his best and only stand out year so far , for stats anyway. WPG hasnt really missed him and now EDM doesnt mind letting him go. Might be a case of stats not telling the whole story.

An average, 31 year old DB who's peaked already isnt what this team needs.

Watch for DeAngelis to land in Edmonton.

This team needs a vet. DB that can play until the rookies develop.31 means he can play for 1-2 years if healthy and he's already proven he can dominate.

Team already has vets and experience in Bradley, Smith, Shivers, Dennis... Hard to say if Wall's "dominated" overall at his position he had one good year for INTs for WPG in 09 - a secondary that was shredded regularly by us and others.

Team is looking to rebuild secondary with youth not plug in castoffs as Obie eluded to the other day. Wouldnt be surprised if Bradley, at least, is fighting for a job.

Well, if this news means Boreham is nearing the end of his career in the CFL, it's been a good run for him and I wish him luck in the future (although, there's always the arena leagues as an option to extend his career)

At any rate, all the best to "Hammer Toe" ! :slight_smile:

He barely played in '08, got 1 INT.He played full time '09 got 7 int.He got injured early in '10, didn't get any.

Injury history would make him even less attractive then.

Injury history has little to do with it if he's healthy now.Any player can get injured at any given time.As far as I know he's only had the 1 injury.