Boreham punting

Wow! What a difference a REAL punter is to the outcome of the game!

Im not sure if it had a huge effect on the outcome of the game, but he was improved over what Congi gave us last year for sure. His average wasn't great, but he did a good job of his placement on his punts and the entire special teams did a fantastic job on coverage downfield because of it.

It was an area I was worried about after the Calgary pre season game where they looked awful.

Watching his work, I could only think that "maybe, just maybe the change of venue has helped".

Funny that!
Luca is no longer punting for us because he had a 38 yard average last year.
This year, a 38 yard average from Boreham gets praise?
And the weather can't be much of a factor as the guy he punted against averaged nearly 7 yards a kick more....

Boreham will need to be much better than that to justify a spot on the roster.
But it's only one game....

I agree. Jamie is obviously a much better punter and Luca is obviously a much better place kicker. I like the idea of 2 kickers and Jamie's good punts lead to bad field position for the Als which lead to a win.

I agree his placement was decent. But his avg was still under 40. Which is the main reason why I thought we were bringing in somone to fill that gap. I do like that he tries to get downfield / in on tackles but i dont like unnessisary penalties.

I’m with you. It’s only been one game, however Boreham was not up to par. And good point about Duval. He did average 47 yards per punt.

yeah, boreham had a few pretty bad punts, be he booted one for 50 yards near the end when it really mattered to pin montreal deep.

And his kick -offs were amazing! everyone was fielded by montreal on there own 5 yard line. (unlike conji who would kick it to the 20, but he still is a very consitent field goal kicker)

Its only been one game. It's too early to judge Boreham really. This is still only Luca's 2nd season, so with someone else punting - even if they get the same results - at least it keeps Luca's leg fresh. Maybe in a couple of years Luca can handle both duties, but until then having a punter is a good idea.

Duval is an import, no comparison. He HAS to be much better to justify taking up an import spot on the roster.

Boreham didn’t have a great average but if you compared it to Luca’s punting last year it was much improved in where he placed the ball down field and the hang time on them.

Remember that a number of Boreham's punts were into the wind, while it was raining. Congi's punts would have been 10-20 yards in those conditions.

I feel much more comfortable with Boreham punting this year than Congi (not to mention kickoffs). Actually, I would feel better if anyone other than Congi was punting.

Some may feel he may learn the trade as time goes on, but I have my doubts. If the kid ever learns to punt he will be, at best, only average. But 22 games last year (including preseason and playoffs) and six months off season work should have been enough time to improve his punting past the point of not being a liability for the team, but it didn't.

He had his chance last year to get the job done but he blew it. As far as being patient with players who at times stink on the field, I no longer have any. We 'rider fans have been patient long enough and I am getting old, and I would like to see a home playoff game before I die. Get the job done, or we will find someone else who can and if not, I will have more interest in beer league slow pitch ball next spring instead.

The kid can't punt, nor do I think he ever will be able to, at least not at the pro level.

I think two kickers is what we needed to take the punting load off Conji cuz hey if he sucks at punting then he sucks at punting. Conji is a great field goal kicker however no doubt about that.

Boreham's kick-off's are light years ahead of Congi's. His punting isn't the best but much much better than Congi's. The Al's game was a field position battle. We may not have won that game with Luca taking all the duties. I think we should hang onto Boreham for now.

actually Luca was looking not bad in the punting department during TC until he hurt his foot.

Luca was never really brought in as a punter, he was tried to be made into one.

Boreham was a pretty good safety for the Dawgs. I like having the added bonus of a solid tackler back there.


Ya, what a wierd transition hey? He was blowing guys up at UofS, and then transfered to kick with UofM.