Boreham playing!

thank GOD that Boreham only had to try one field goal. Yes he made it but I was worried even form that close.

I was just as worried, i didnt even watch.

Lets hope Myers is ok and can get back in there next week... we'll need him.

He should have had a chance at that long one from about 47 yards ,but "they" let the clock run out.

They ,being the field judges.

I had a good feeling he was going to do it!

forget it.

Yeah.....great job by Jamie cause everyone knows that an 11 yard field goal from the hash mark is one of the hardest to get......this is why a lot of teams take a time count penalty to back it up a few yards....or at least they used to.......that's always a tough angle to kick from.....sort of like threading the needle....

at any rate.......we got 3 points!


I thought Jamie was injured.I guess if your injured you cant be cut,smart move Jamie.Sometimes injuries just go away all of a sudden,Iguess

Or sometimes resting an injury helps it get better Doc.

Funny how back injuries heal fast when you get the call to ply and not just be a spectator!!! :lol:

Not only that, borehamgirl, Jamie hasn't even practiced kicking
in the last two or three weeks because of his back spasms.

I was actually dumb enough to think this site would get better after a win. Shows that I'm not grounded in reality.

Thats what bothers me about this, he says he was hurt, he says he would start practicing when he was "Healthy enough and the doctor would allow him to", yet being pressed into action all of the sudden his back was fine and he could kick those kickoffs with authority.

Yes Todd, you cant be cut when you are injured which really makes you think about this situation...

maybe thats the key to Boreham-don't practice-just play :? :lol:

careful.....people doubted Ray Thomas and his injury also.....

He had spinal surgery THROUGH HIS THROAT not too long ago....imagine such a thing?....he could have died or been paralyzed on the worked out great though and he has gone through extensive rehab....he's doing well!...

He made his kicks. The jury has had paddles applied and has been resussitated.

If Myers is good to go next Saturday vs. the Argos, he should play.

Oski Wee Wee,

Difference is Ray didnt step back on the field with one days notice and kick with authority.

Thanks for the warning, but its fairly obvious what happened.

Maybe if he says he hurt himself again tonite he can stick around for another couple of weeks.

Jamie has played hurt many times since he came here...he's one tough bugger!.......but hey, seems like some just want to hang him no matter what he does......

carry on!...I choose to celebrate our win!

Bring on those Argo losers!

:P :thup:

Hey Mikey is Rays career over or is he going to try to come back.If his career is over thats to bad I always thought he could be a star in this league if given the oppurtunity.Sorry to get off topic.

Jamie kicked well today so the people who want him run out of town
have to find something else to bad-mouth him for, borehamgirl.

Today they are questioning his integrity, tomorrow it'll be something else.

Didn't someone recently call this type of comment 'absurd speculation.'


Can't you people be satisfied with just
bashing Jamie when he kicks badly?