Boreham......past ....present.....future!!

Boreham tanked in High School.......Boreham tanked at University......Boreham tanked in BC.....Boreham tanked in Winnipeg......Boreham is tanking in Hamilton.....Borehan will tank in the future!! Go Hamilton minus Boreham!!

im glad you joined the website to make this stupid post

i'm noticing a trend in your posting habits there footballfan138....

eventually your posts are just going to read "go hamilton minus the team" if this trend continues....

didn't winnipeg win a CIS championship when boreham was there... or at least beat MAC to get to the championship?

Amazing!! The truth always hurts!!Are you saying Boreham was the reason that Winnipeg won the CIS championships.....if so, then Boreham is responsible for Hamilton's 2 losses

A: that logic is flawed.

B: i can say that his three missed field goals probably cost us the chance at a real comeback last game.

C: I’m just saying i dont think he tanked in the peg…

and finally
D: how does the truth hurt? what ‘truth’ are you talking about? are you responding to something??? right now the only truth that hurts is the 0-2 record that Hamilton has right now.

i am responding to makaveli’s post!! with respect to Boreham and the future tanking…we will just have to wait and see…a leopard can’t change it’s spots…in this case a tiger cat

as a golfer, i equate Boreham's misses to 'the yips'... ya know, getting iffy over a two or three foot putt, but being able to drain long ones. (sound familiar?)

Boreham needs to work out his mental routine... unfortunately in pro football you dont have long to do so.

he's got the skills, just has to put them all together. (heard taht too many times for too many players) he'd better hope he puts it all together within a few weeks.

dont be so hard on boreham bloke

but ticat fans

its the reelwurl

when ticat brass was telling you for past two years

boreham bloke was good at making tackles (when a good punter doesnt have to, if punt team is working right) and

how he could hit so hard and was knocking himself out (and was more position player than kicker) - when kicker doesnt have to if kick teams are working right

did anybody take time to wonder about what you were hearing?

reelwurl - this is just another bad decision that brass would not acknowledge - and doing same thing with fleming bloke right now

like old joke -

hubbie to wife - i came in late and slept in hammock outside last night so i wouldnt wake you

wife to hubbie - i sold hammock three months ago

hubbie to wife - well thats my story and im sticking to it

how long will brass stick with fleming bloke as punter - they will give story and stick to it - watch the show


geoffrey......sounds a little like the coaching staff!!