Boreham Can't make short FG's

The Riders were knocking on the door in the second quarter when Pikula mishandled the snap on a punt, and had his kick blocked by Rob Bagg. Saskatchewan took over on the B.C. 16 but couldn't move the ball

Boreham came in for what looked like a routine field goal but hit the ball wide, resulting in just a single.

(He always seems to miss short kicks but he was 3 of 4)

he stinks, he lost it he use to look good but hes lost confidence in himself i think anyways

my post is not about the topic of this thread..

Blitz21: you might want to change the text under the pic to read "how can we fail" because by saying how else can we fail you imply that we are looking for ways to lose.

just wanted to point that out :slight_smile:

Lost it?
Never had it.
Short to med. distance FGs were a puzzle for Boreham the entire time he was here.
and at no time did he look particularly confident.

Boreham nailed 3-4?....nice....

Boreham is such a power kicker, he does need to work on the little finesse shots....

I still to this day believe he's a hell of a kicker and will only get better now that he's out of the pressure cooker of Ivor Wynne...he's a versatile player and has saved the Ticats from more than a few long kick returns also...he hits like a truck! it or not, Hamilton has been a poisonous atmosphere for some players who really didn't deserve the treatment they received....yet they do well elsewhere....

Anthony Calvillo and Damon Allen come to mind..... :cowboy:

Mikey I have to disagree here. First with Boreham, he has a history of missing the short FG's. We're notalking about a raw rookie here, he had his opportunites and he blew them.

As for the poisonous atmosphere for certain guys at Ivor Wynne. They are professional athletes. It is there jobs to perform.

One can look in hindsight and certainly agree about Allen and Calvillo. But there isn;t one person around here that complained when both left because the team was bad enough that you couldn't tell what they had. Calvillo may never have become what he is today had he stayed here.

As for the poisonous atmosphere for certain guys at Ivor Wynne. They are professional athletes. It is there jobs to perform.
I respect your opinion and the fact you didn't say I'm not entitled to mine......boy, is getting better!

At any rate, I took the time to go over to the North side and listen with my own ears to the pathetic abuse that a select few were endlesslessly hurling at players on the bench and although I agree with you that they are professionals, there is only so much abuse a human being can take before lashing back....

Julian Radlein for instance is probably one of the most even-keeled players we have and when I saw him turn around and unleash a tirade to a few fans to the extent that would make sailor blush, I knew some fans were wayyyyyyyyyy out of control.....

One person in particular who I won't name was obsessed with disrupting Jason Maas on the bench during the games to the point I can say he was affecting his performance time and time again......the idiot was relentless and should have had his ass kicked out of Ivor Wynne by either security or Tiger-Cat excuse for that crap whatsoever....

Joining in with general chorus of 'booing' over the team's performance is one thing.....but the personal yelling at a particular player on the bench is ridiculous and should be stopped.....and I will even say the same thing should apply over behind the visitor's bench......

It's nothing short of an abusive 'power trip' for the fan and has nothing to do with being a fan....

mikey if you think IWS was a pressure cooker for your precious jamie, i'd love to hear what you think Taylor "make that effing feild goal or your lawn is manure" Feild is like?

single tear

This i disagree with, this is the entire point of home feild advantage,
i'll admit that the fan that can get an opposing player off their game without being vulgar or overly personal (not regardling their play or abilities that is) is much better at it than the fan who has to resort to such tactics. BUT it's all about making IWS the worst stadium to visit in the league (something Lancaster has been applauding since 1998)

in 2004 most (if not all) of our points came at home (save a win in Calgary and winnipeg i do beleive)
it was because the stadium was SOOOOOOOO into the games, loud, obnoxious and helping the team out

lets get back to that eh

Boreham was run out of town and treated unfairly.
So Marcel unloaded him along with the rest of the deadwood cutting because he felt sorry for him?
Too pathetic to even laugh.

I would have to concur that this was the deciding factor for Jamie being traded.

Although the virulence of the anti-Boreham sentiment may suggest he never hit any FGs, the hard fact of the matter is that in the wake of Ruoff and Osbaldiston, kicking standards in Tigertown are, well, very high. Over time, it was apparent to me that a change was needed for the club and for Jamie.

I think it is less that Jamie appeared unconfident on short and medium kicks as it was that fans watching Jamie kick weren't confident! He has an extremely herky-jerky way of timing his kick and approaching the ball. Almost Luis Tiant-like in the "how the heck can he do that" scale.

I think Jamie will likely land the punting job in Saskatchewan with Luca Congi handling the placekicking chores. I wish him well.

Oski Wee Wee,

could be, but from what i've read out in riderland.... Congi has been improving his leg strength.... ie kickoffs, which are more Jamie's specialty... isn't exactly a problem for congi anymore.

although this could just be based on bad information.

I cant remember the last athlete that was HANDED the job and given so many chances to improve, regardless of his performance the head coach stuck with him, and through each terrible performance continued to stick with him, and with each bad punting effort was given another chance, and another, and another.... through questionable injuries was given ANOTHER chance.

Jamie wasnt run out of town, he was removed as dead weight... and IF he becomes something? He'll look back to College Coach and realize that nobody else in pro football would have given him enough game experience to make something of himself.

Brutal Crash, just plane brutal!!!

Kollege Koach*, as you like to do...

:D :D :D

Yes, Steve, simply brutal but not that far from reality. Matthews? Buono? Bud nippers that don't allow that kind of special teams drama derail the train to November.

Oski Wee Wee,

I agree.

There isn't a professional football team in the world that would give a player his position and continue to allow him to blow game after game in the hopes that he might get better.

They even brought in a punter for him because he couldn't handle both jobs.

What a waste of roster spots.

I still say that we would have been better off to NEVER atempt any field goals last year than to have Boreham kick. How many 17 yarders did he miss?

And he flat out BLEW game 1 for us.

No Steve, Brutal is our record over the past 8 seasons.