Boreham Bashers

SHUT UP! You all know that if we won the game only the ODD person would be saying CUT Boreham. You are all looking for someone to blame, and it's NOT Boreham. It's the other two sides of the ball. The Offense that put up a grand total of ZERO points, and the Defense that gave up 400+ yards! This is getting so irritating. I hope Boreham starts next week, and you ALL boycott the 'Cats because of it, we don't need you! Grow up or get out!

the defence cause HOW MANY turnovers?....

the problem is the whole offence isnt getting the job done.

defence plays thier butts off, comes off the fields for one play ( which is a maas INT ), then thier back on the field again.

seems u dont know football.

not everyones gonna agree with u...grow up or get out!

The defence is a playmaking defence, however they still need major work. Yes they put up 12 points, but they also allowed 400 yards. You shouldn't allow that many yards. Oh, and the defence wasn't on the field THAT long, we play a ball-control offence, which is why we go nowhere however we still eat up a lot of the clock.

whether the cats won against the stamps or not, i would still be calling for boreham to be cut......he is inconsistent at best, his mind is on matters other than kicking, vis a vis, going downfield and making the big hit!! inconsistent kickers who kick the crap out the ball are a dime a dozen!! boreham will continue to break the cats fans hearts....

You say that now, because that's your mind set, you and a bunch of other people are blaming the loss on Boreham, and this is why you keep on bashing him. He didn't lose this game for us and he's just going to continue to break out of his (now minor) slump.

yet u blame the loss on the refs.

Obviously, it would have been first down if they made the obvious call (somebody should check if those refs are on the stamps payroll). And then we could have ran the clock out. Which would have ended in us winning. If that call never happened, it's still the offence's fault, an offence that puts up ZERO points is not an offence at all.

Look at this:
Defense - 12 Points
Fleming - 1 Point
Boreham - 9 Points
Offense - 0 Points.

Other then the non-call over the Maas hit, who's at fault?

the refs are on the stamps payroll this week...last week it was the als payroll, and the week before that, it was the argo payroll..

wow, u got tons of 'smart' things to say... :roll:

I didn't comment much the last two games. I had the last straw this week with the constant idiotic posts. Again, I'm not going to post smart things in discussion with you, because cavemen can't process intelligence, just what is shown to them in person.

i am not suggesting that boreham be cut, solely based on the calgary is based on his history of inconstency....he will continue to be inconsistent and will be inconsistent at a time in the future when he is mosted needed by the team.........A MINOR SLUMP???? three missed field goals in 1 game......c'mon...!!

Last game (before Calgary) was a major slump, but going 2/3 means he's on his way out of it. Slowly but surely he regains his composure.

i wouldnt expect you to post anything smart in any'd need more then your grade 4 education to do that.

Well, well, have you been to Queen's University (for a course)? Have you had honors? I may be young, but that doesn't mean I'm not intelligent.

Guys, guys. Take it easy. You're both intelligent, you're both fans.

One of you thinks Boreham should be gone, the other doesn't. So what? It's a difference of opinion. It doesn't mean either of your mothers wore army boots.

The coaches have another kicker in camp, they'll pick who they think is best for the team. We can continue the debate without insulting one another, can't we?

Happy Canada Day (tomorrow) all!

Exactly. Relax everyone. They will start to win. You watch

Allright enouph allready. The last two threads i've been in you and miller have just went back and forth with crap. My pc cant handle all this and is slowing down. LOL

Apparently a career 61% FG kicker is a "minor" slump.


I don't count his first year of stats, seeing how he played with broken ribs! There's no way you can count that. Last year he went something like 72%, which not great, is still good.

Hey Miller i guess you dont no much about football to say we should keep Boreham.His field goal average is less than 50% this year,when will all you Boreham lovers realize he's junk.He didnt lose that game on his own but a 42 yard field goal miss cost us 3 points we could of used to win the game.

Maybe we can sign the wendy's million dollar kick winner....he would be more of a pressure player then Boreham is.