Boreham a Rider?

Rumour only

I wouldn't be surprised if he were released soon, or traded perhaps to Sask. Or perhaps Pat Fleming to the Riders, they need help at the punter position. The Cats want a dual role kicker/punter.
Boreham may also get a look from WPG, but not likely since he was released twice already by them early in his career.
At this point and with injuries last season, Jamie may step away from the game.

The Riders aren't happy with Congi's kicking/punting, and may want to aquire either Boreham or Fleming to push him. Hope DJD ships one of them out with another player for Dominguez. I could actually see that "other player" being Wayne Shaw, because I think there's a strong chance the Cats will pick Columbia safety Tad Crawford (who grew up in Burlngton) with one of their first two picks in this year's draft. And don't the Riders need another D-back after losing Morgan to free agency? gotta take that graphic off your signature's too big and is messing up my screen as I have to scroll sideways now on each thread you post there any way of making it smaller?

Hope all is well out in B.C. buddy! :smiley:



apparently it's Boreham & 1st rnd 4th pick for Armstead & 5 rnd pick.

That's what I heard. But once again it's a rumour.

Rumour only
apparently it's Boreham & 1st rnd 4th pick for Armstead & 5 rnd pick.

That's what I heard. But once again it's a rumour.

Heard from.....?

It's a trade which would send Boreham and perhaps Fleming and a 4th round pick to Sask.

In exchange we would receive Jason Armstead and 1st round selection.

Armstead is a good receiver, and if the abovementioned deal were on the table, I would pull the trigger if I were the Ticats.

In all probability, Boreham will be cut this year, so we might as well get something for him. And our receiving corps does need a burner, which we gave up when Flick wouldn't take a pay cut.

We would still retain the first pick overall, and we would also still have two very high picks in the second round of the draft.

But there are two obvious stumbling blocks to this rumored deal. First, I can't see Tillman ever trading Armstead, who is an ex-Renegade who Tillman actually discovered and originally brought to the CFL. Then too, Armstead is probably making more money than Flick made. So why trade for him if money was an issue with another pretty good starting receiver in the first place?

Of course, it is possible that the Ticats may be willing to pay Armstead a high salary because they think he's just a better player than Flick. Plus, Armstead is a very dangerous kick returner too. And Armstead did underperform in Saskatchewan last year, so they may actually want to deal him (and his big salary).

If it does happen, regardless of any trade options, it is long overdue.

Sorry Borehamgirl :lol:

Trading the 4th pick overall for an American WR(regardless of Boreham) would mean that the scouting dept. isn’t doing it’s job. I hope this rumour dies a quick death.

this rumour....where did it come from?

And it's blue. Yuk.

Methinks a lot of these "rumours" are somebody's or several sombodys' wishful thinking, that we could:
1. Get rid of Boreham and/or Fleming or (XXX) enter name of your least favorite Ticat(s)
2. Acquiring a big, fast, experienced WR, or DT, or DE, or DB, etc.

  If Ticats were to make such a deal, it would put us in the same boat Sask is in - looking for an experienced, good K or P or K/P.
  Having seen Jamie at 3 TC, I know he has tremendous leg strength, but needs to work on his accuracy and consistency. Maybe that will come from new ST coach and/or competition and/or injury-free playing time.

Imo-both Flemming and Boreham improved alot thru the season in 2006, it would be a waste to dump them now.

There seems to be a lot of average Canadian trained kickers in the league at present. Watching the CFL classics the calibre of kickers seemed to be better back then on a whole...of course maybe a John Ryan or a Vanderjagt wouldn't get the chance back then to go to the NFL.
I expect more teams will be forced to go with import kickers in the future. A good field goal kicker can make the difference in quite a few tight ball games and a good punter can make a difference in field position which is so important in the CFL.

Maybe its time to reduce the "Canadian content" in the league so we can see more quality players and some better football.

Or maybe turn the CFL into the NFL bush league?

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I hope so!

:lol: :rockin:

Well 3rd, I apologies, I thought this was a non-starter, but you were right!