Bored Now: Tale of two Cities

Old topic but still wondering, could Quebec support a team in Laval and Quebec City? The Big O is so passé.

Where do you think Laval is?
And what does the Big oh have to do with anything?

West of Montreal with more football support than merely city centre or McGill on the hill. So the thought is shift to the suburb and/or look at QC City.

And you base that on what? The university of Laval? That is in a suburb of Quebec City? And 250 KM North east of Montreal?

Judging by the lack of interest the last time a CFL game was played at Laval between the Redblacks and the Als, I would say no. Plus the fact that no business group/investors in QC has ever talked about a CFL team. No fan interest either, no group has put a Facebook page to try to win support. The soccer fans in Halifax put together a Facebook page and gathered a lot of fan support.
No, there is zero interest in the CFL in QC

Quebec City would make for a heated rivalry.


I agree with you, but it was a preseason game

I guess Quebec City is very shortsighted not seeing that having a few rivalries with Montreal, Ottawa and possibly Toronto(the evil English entity), rivalries make money and stir up civic pride. Being a big fish in a small pond doesn't promote any growth

True but let's face it, it will never happen. They love their CIS team in QC but I don't think they care at all about the CFL even if some investor built a stadium and brought in a team.

The Quebec City market has room for both football teams to grow together. There is no need for protectionism for the Laval team, they would benefit with a new stadium to share with a CFL


Agreed and that boggles my mind! How many US college fans have zero interest in the NFL?


I’m bored now. Maybe you can help. I saw an oriole in my backyard today, and told my girlfriend....she said “a Baltimore oriole? “
Isn’t that like saying “there’s a Toronto bluejay in the backyard.”?
I need a hobby.


this site is my hobby :slight_smile:

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It’s a good one. I should try birdwatching.

I would rather shoot them

Gotta watch them first.

every time I watch a bird, it is crapping on my vehicle. grrrrr

of all the supposedly scary movies I watched as a kid, none came close to terrifying me as much as The Birds. Still gives me the willies

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I had the same problem some damn Atlanta falcons.

Coincidentally as I was reading this, I saw a cardinal in my backyard :slight_smile:

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was he praying?

or just drinking a beer?

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