Border Shopping

ken peters writes about us pickin up on american players.

he also says how players like ray mariuz and jesse lumsden may not start this season, id be dissapointed if jesse were not our starting tailback


Veteran Canadians beware.

You better have outstanding Training Camps
and blow away the American competition
or you will be seeing a lot of bench time.


All Canadians for that matter.

listen i love canandian players. i am canadian but it makes sense. play the canadians where you have to. get the best possible canadians you can for that spot. everywhere else play the best players you can. i dont care who they are. unfortunately its a harsh reality that by pure numbers and pop. those spots will be occupied by americans. there will be the occasional exception or strategy but that is the way it is. i want the best players and competition on the field.

Peters' article suggests that the Cats are probably going to go with an all American linebacking corps and secondary. That could alter the Cats' strategy in the upcoming draft, where we pick at #1 and #4.

Most fans think safety Tad Crawford could be on our radar. I highly doubt it now.

J.P. Bekesiak, if available, may still appeal to Desjardins, who seems willing to play Canadians on the Defensive Line.

LB Justin Phillips, who is highly touted, may be chosen by us, but only as a replacement for Hitch or Barrenechea (i.e. a younger, cheaper backup)

And it seems like we already have enough Canadian receiving prospects in camp.

Honestly, I can now see us trading one of our two first round picks for another starting import. Maybe a safety?

I wish that was true, unfortunately there is an import ratio implace so Canadian's don't have to blow away the American competition or even condition themselves like a pro athlete should before they're drafted.

The Ticat coaches can do a lot of talking, maybe to motivate some of the Canadian players. But the fact is they will probably start eight Canadians, which gives them some flexibility for injuries.
Looking at their roster IMO WR Ralph, OG Hudson, C Hage, OG Cheron, RB Lumsden, DT Wayne, DE Mckay and S Shaw would be the top eight Canadians. However if they can sign C Gagne-Marcoux and OT Dyakowski they might eventually be able to go with four Canadians on the O-Line again allowing them to play an import at safety. Drafting (and signing Bekesiak) as well signing Jermaine Reid would solidify the D-Line. But other then that the afore mentioned eight would IMO be their starters coming out of training camp. Mariuz and Radelin can also start if some of the top seven or eight are injured.
The big battles will be over the import positions.

If They Make the Team Better Then Play Basic # Of Canadians .. I want to Win..

Here we go again, bemoaning the fact that we may not have so many Canadians in the starting lineup. Quotas being what they are, there will be the same number of Canadians on the team, just not starting.

For those of us who don't like this situation, here is a possible solution.

Let's take a lesson from what happened in the past. Go back to the 1940's.

We'll form a new league. Call it the O.R.F.U. (Ontario Rugby Football Union).We can even invoke the old team names, Hamilton Wildcats, Toronto Indians, Ottawa Trojans, Sarnia Imperials, Windsor Rockets. Most importantly, we will limit to THREE the number of imports allowed per team. That will provide lots of opportunity for our own Canadian boys to play.

Only one teensy-weensy problem.......


Its just the usually Peters style of reporting 'lets write an article about speculation that has nothing to do with anything'.

We are 2 months away from camp, the roster isnt close to being set and Peters starts to make assumptions.

actually arent we over the limit of signing already??

I would highly doubt it.

In the CFL your only as good as your Canadian players .Trading high draft picks for imports is not a good idea and will bite you in the butt when all is said and done .

Well, you cant get much for draft picks anyways.

From K.Peters article:
"These days the Cats' GM might hold a Canadian birth certificate but there will be a whole lot of Yankee panky in the Cat football operation."

I dare not say it, but the "yankee panky" remark definitely made me laugh. Perhaps K.P is also a part-time comedian?

I know several times in the last few seasons Lancaster went into games an import or 2 short . While I like seeing Canadians play and play well , I want to see our import ratio at it`s limit at every game !!!!