Border restrictions

Maybe I missed this, but how or are border restrictions going to affect any American players driving north for training camp? Are they considered "essential workers"?

They will have work visas, so if they test negative, they will be allowed

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Camp starts tomorrow and they have a 7 day quarantine period(because they don't play hockey)
They are already here

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So did those 4 injured players in SSK get hurt in their hotel rooms??? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

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Meaning what?

It's a question?
Not a statement

The CFL has a special travel exemption granted by the Canadian government to shorten / remove the quarantine requirement for players coming up from America to play. I don't know the exact details but I imagine it heavily revolves around the CFL taking on routine and constant testing of players.


What are you asking?

Thanks for the answers.

no on field workouts were allowed after quarantine if players tested negative

Although this is the case, how is this going to work when a player in infected and has exposed others who are unvaccinated?

As cited in another thread and as PM Trudeau declared yesterday 8 July otherwise, not that the virus cares or is affected by these decisions, this all sounds like back to the future to me.

Three examples of recent application last fall and early this year were soccer in Europe, the NFL, and Formula One. They simply removed the infected party and pretended like everybody else did not make contact so long as they tested negative. Of course often the virus does not show up for well over a week.

Now what could go wrong with this plan especially when it's a star player who is infected? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

We are only at the beginning not the end of this scheme, but this is the first such experiment in Canada other than recently in Montreal with the NHL.

As an example, this report is via CNN today. I copied it because the link is in a blog scroll format not a story link.

What can go wrong when ONE player is infected even if removed from other players? This happened this spring in Oklahoma including even amongst a few vaccinated parties.

Now why it took two months for this report to be out I am not clear, but look how the spread went from the unknown party of origin to 24 in the facility to 47 infected overall of the 194 exposed in the course of two weeks.


Covid-19 outbreak linked to gymnastics facility infected 47 people, CDC says

From CNN's Sarah Braner

A Covid-19 outbreak at an Oklahoma gymnastics facility infected 47 people and exposed a total of 194 people over a two-week period in April and May, according to a report released Friday in the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

Cases included 21 gymnasts, along with three staff members of the facility, and 21 household contacts who caught “secondary cases” of Covid-19 from the initial outbreak. Twenty-one of the 47 cases were available to sequence, and all 21 of them were identified as the more transmissible Delta variant.

The investigation found several potential risk factors at the facility that may have contributed to the outbreak. These include a failure to follow recommended quarantine and testing guidance, not recognizing symptomatic cases, inconsistent mask use, poor ventilation, using the same staff members to treat multiple groups of gymnasts, low vaccination rates, groups training at the same time, and inadequate cleaning of high-touch surfaces.

Out of all 47 cases, four of them were in people who were fully vaccinated and were mildly symptomatic, while three were partially vaccinated. The remaining 40 were unvaccinated. Two unvaccinated adults were hospitalized, with one requiring intensive care.

Twenty-seven infected people, including one 5-year-old, weren’t eligible for a Covid-19 vaccine by the time the outbreak happened.

After athletes, staff, and family members were alerted of the outbreak at the facility, on-site testing and vaccination was offered, which led to nine people being vaccinated.

cfl players will have to be rapid tested to enter facilities and likely stuff is better santized in a cfl gym then a gymnastic facility

You act as if the players (or anybody not in prison for that matter) only spend any time in one facility. I think you missed the point of the inherent risk at hand well beyond sports.

cfl players actually can only work out at team facility or there hotel room right now actually

And you say you know players - heh. You clearly don't.

actually i do know many players i was talking to multiple players like Mike Daly and jackson bennett earlier wishing them good luck at training camp

i've known players like Daly since 2015 , November 2015 after practice with Mike Daly and atlanta falcons free safety Erik Harris when Erik Harris was a ticat