The worst part about tonight is now we start the looong off-season...

As an Esks fan, there should be some excitement... We'll be getting a new head coach in a couple weeks, and he might shake-up the assistants. Tillman should be making some interesting moves to improve the team. We should get a decent draft pick.

But the off-season is too long... Thank God for other sports. The Lakers, NFL, and NHL playoffs keep me sane during the winter. :smiley:

C'mon Chief, the words me and sane in the same sentence, who you trying to fool :roll: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Tell me about it… now I have to watch NFL… oh well… Count down to June… lol…

Yeah, I hate the off-season!!! Why cant the CFL season be like the NHL!!!??? THen we wouold only have something like, a week and a half to wait for training camp!

Yeah, the CFL off-season is agonizingly long...
But there's still the NHL! Maybe I'll try to watch some NFL games too and College Basketball is starting up soon!

That about sums up my off-season :lol:
Go Oregon!
Go Flames go!
Go Bills!
Don't really favor an NBA team so GO anybody but the Lakers :lol:

Urg... This is goina suuuuuuuck
Could we have 3 game playoff series? That would help stretch the season a bit. However, imagine a Grey Cup in January played in Winterpeg? Blarg...
At least i still have my old Grey Cup tapes and a few games off iTunes, still, its going to be a long, sad offseason...

...I was saying boo-urns...

lol red nobody should say boo-urns :lol:

That's cold, man... :frowning:

Ah, yes, gotta love March Madness! Occupies a month and a half, and then it's back to counting the days on the calendar. :lol:

I'm in a bit of depression now but I'll get into the NFL now and the world juniors at X-Mas will tide me over and then the Super Bowl, it's all football afterall, and some NCAA stuff bowl games, and then training camp around the corner with the NHL playoffs ok, not the same as the CFL but is ok.

March Madness is not my thing but then skinny rakes in shorties and guys pretending to be tough on a basketball court was never and hopefully will never be my thing, god forbid. I can't watch that stuff, won't say crap (but it is to me) since I know some people love that stuff, whatever. I'd be embarrased to say I actually watch that. :o

Say what...? :lol: