Booth Audio echo's

Who is doing your mixing for the Booth Audio.. Each commenter has their own microphone and they should be wearing earbuds. Are you not using mix-minus? Is the booth that reflective to audio? Locker room, on field is fine. Are you also sending the audio to the field and it is coming back via the commentators microphones? The reverb (echo) is very disconcerting.

Been like this since the opening of THF. Unbearable to listen to. They should just stop if they can't or won't fix it. Sounds like you have some knowledge on the subject. Offer your help to fix it. We'd all appreciate it. :thup:

There have been audio hitches going back to the time of Ivor Wynne.

I like to listen to the game while I’m there so I bring my sound isolating earphones and, I think, it has spared my hearing.

I won’t bring the family because I fear the sound problems will hurt them.

When Keith Urban was here, I did not read of a single complaint that way.

Don’t, for the life of me, understand why the team, or the city, won’t spend some money and bring in an audio specialist to fix this problem.

One of the reasons why I won’t buy season tickets.

All they need to do is hire a pro audio tech for a day. It's on the city as the owner.

Then bring in Keith’s audio guy or any big ticket music performer’s sound specialist.

Agreed, it should be the city to pay for this. As a tenant, Tiger cats must get them to repair this health hazard.

Isn't it the team's general M.O. to keep costs down by having interns do almost everything?