was it just me or did charlie seem not so enthusiastic and sounded not so confident in rocky saying basicaly hes only here for depth.. if u ask me they made the whole thing look like a joke. charlie indefinatley really not well spoken...

said, coming from you!? :lol:

Just win ball games, i dont care about how you talk to the media.

If Butler is featured at the same big news conference that finally introduces the long-awaited offensive and defensive coordinators, I strongly suspect that they are looking at him as the starter, and Maas will be shown the door via trade or outright cut very soon.


what he said... :cowboy:

hey catfan, shove it :slight_smile:

It took 1 month and 8 days into 2007, mikey and I agree.

I thought Charlie came across very confident and intelligent.
I like his style.
I thought Rocky should have had something prepared to say knowing that he was going to be co-staring in a press conference.
Very weak on his part.
If you do not prepare for a meet the fans and press, do you prepare for opposing defences?

Rocky was good .... in the 'chat'

Rod Rust [or his handlers] 'turtled' tho

Big deal!

B @G, are you the one who stumped Rocky
with that scintillating question

so important to the future of the franchise
that all fans had to hear the answer to

"So how did you get the nickname 'Rocky'"?

I was referring to the presser not the chat.
He basicaly said about 27 words, and then said that was it, short but sweet.
Last year Maas came across very professional and prepared...then the season started

Hey I dont see how preparing for a conference with fans and press has anything to do with how he prepares for a game but apparently it couldn't have mattered to much when he out performed our GREAT starting professinal speeking QB in Maas last year so just leave the guy alone.

i just fell out of my chair.

After all if Maas Stinks it up again this season then everyone will love Butler and it wont matter if he is a great public speaker.

Blitz…and I guess you went to the meet and greet and chatted with the new staff. Or…not. Nothing like somebody that bases their opinions without meeting someone personally.

I dunno.

What do you really expect a career third stringer to say?

He looked shy and nervous and not at all comfortable in front of the camera. That's ok. It's what he does on the field that's important here. I kinda liked his humbleness.

Rocky is good Guy..
The Staff are Very High on him..
I can see why After talking to him..

And how did that workout for him ? :wink:


Bill Bellicek doesn't come across very well spoken nor any sort of genius and well, end of story.