.......I will give you credit for being thick of skin........taking it from all sides and handing it back is are free to post whatever you wish, about whomever you wish in your EE forum........however, as your postings in the Calgary forum are created solely to annoy and irritate, clearly a violation of Forum Guideline #3 (go read for yourself) I request you refrain from posting anything of this nature there..........thanks for the excellent sparring match and enjoy your off season, the EEs earned it for you, use it wisely........

I was mearely celebrating the Excellent Grey Cup Victory by The City of Champions. It was redwhite2005, that insisted on mentioning, in EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HIS POSTS, words such as "small" and "itty bitty", and "compensating" for something. I was only trying to help the troubled soul. He is clearly obsessed by some shortcoming in his life, and my post was his venue to start releasing his pent up emotions and sadness over whatever issues are tormenting his soul. I have never met a more obsessed individual. I hope he gets the help he needs, and can make a post without his thought process being consummed by "small" and "itty bitty" things that are destroying his self esteem.

PS, RedandWhite, thanks for the intelligent, well thought out post. It is nice to see that there are stumps fans on here that are actually capable of making posts of a post pubescent level. You did not even have to lower yourself to the level of diminishing my points by making petty insults, and revealing your obsession with "small and itty bitty" things. Some other stumps fans on this board could learn a thing or 2 from you.

This is how you take the loss like a man, stumps fans!!!! Your team choked. That's a fact. Deal with it. You shouldn't let it get under your skin, and should just move on with life. You certainly should not have to resort to grade school insults. Good on ya, RedandWhite.