Boomer's Fastest Three Minutes

Boomer covered the CFL Division Semi-Finals in his Fastest Three Minutes segment again... though he made a tiny error this time. When discussing the Stamps/Riders game for next weekend, he said the Riders won the Cup last year.

They just said it, forget his name but the guy who does the half-time segment of highlights who is a big fan of the CFL, just mentioned Saskatchewan won the Cup last year. Interesting stuff. :lol:

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Yeah, he usually does a pretty good job of covering the CFL playoffs. I minor slip up, I'm sure.

I really like Boomer. Most sports people in the states look down at something that isn`t theirs.

MLS, WNBA, CFL and to some extent NHL only get brought up to insult the leagues. In my opinion, its bush league. Then again maybe thats what I get for listening to Fox sports radio and watching PTI when Dan Leb**tard is on..

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Still high after Sunday’s big win, Henry Burris enjoyed a quiet night at home with his family, watching what the NFL passed off as its Monday Nighter.

Thrilled to have some down time away from the rigours of an intense football season before returning to practice Wednesday, Burris perked up when Chris Berman worked the Battle of Alberta into his Fastest 3 Minutes segment at the half.

Opening with a shot of Jarome Iginla fighting Ethan Moreau before segueing into Sunday’s footage from McMahon, ESPN showcased Burris’ 29-yard touchdown strike to Romby Bryant.

Then, while showing Calgary’s touchdown horse in full stride and setting up this weekend’s two CFL matchups, came the words that sent Burris’ night careening into depression: “Saskatchewan won the Grey Cup last year,? said Boomer, obviously unaware it was, in fact, Calgary. Oops.

Burris’ phone immediately started buzzing with phone calls, texts and e-mails from both sides of the border pointing out the slight.

Who knew the first one to deal the disrespect card this week would be sitting in the U.S.?

“I thought, ‘man, that’s sweet to be part of the clip selected,’? said Burris in a text, moments after the gaffe.

“And then to hear ‘Saskatchewan winning the Cup last year’ spoiled everything!! I thought, ‘Damn Yankees.’?

here's the clip ( @ 3:00 ):

....[adjust tie] No respect I tell ya, no respect [adjust tie].....

i just added the clip to my original post, for those interested.

I hope Burris was kidding around because I’m pretty sure it was just a minor slip…

Theres so many people from Saskatchewan living in Calgary, that when the Stamps win
it probably does feel like a win for Saskatchewan.

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