Boomer Easiason dissing the CFL with his play by play

On Sunday's broadcast of the Rams and Cardinals game on CBS, Boomer made somewhat of a dissing comment towards the CFL when the Cardinals backup QB Chris Streveler made an ill- advised throw from his back foot leading to an interception for a TD.

" This is not the Grey Cup or the CFL where you take chances like that."

" You just can't do that here"

His comments did garner some backlash from various former players like Travis Lulay, Joe Horne among others stating that pass wouldn't work up here either.

Should we be surprised whenever a former CFL players get opportunities to showcase their skills only to be shot down at every turn.

I think it's more of a case that Boomer doesn't know much about the league. I doubt he even realizes that Streveler won the Grey Cup as a back up and more effectively a 3rd string as the Bombers had to trade for Collaros after Nicholas went down.

Alex Singleton is a prime example of recent players coming from here and be productive in the NFL.

Mr. Easiason himself is a back up commentator after filling in Romo.


How Strevler ever made it down there I have no idea. Sure he's a power runner but can't hit the broad side of a barn.


I mean, what adult man rides his glory days going by the name “Boomer”, and expects to be taken seriously?

Why does someone make a thread about things like this every time it happens? Americans naturally look down on anything that isn't American. The fact that it bothers you shows a weak character.

They always have, and always will do that. Stop caring.


Did not realize that I had weak character when bringing out issues like that.

I personally don't care about Boomer himself but whenever someone feels the need to disrespect something without any knowledge of the CFL why wouldn't I want to stand up to that type of comment.

It's even bothersome when some of those comments come from Canadians themselves who don't believe in the CFL itself.

That comment was made on nationwide tv.


How pitiful is the NFL when a Third sting CFL QB can make a team?


While I agree wholeheartedly, CFF, it still bothers me that a boob like Boomer will make that sort of comment, on National TV while ignoring the situation in New England where Cam Newton threw more interceptions than TDs, and gets cut. I mean it’s not like Streveler was the first QB in the NFL to throw a pick, nor does playing in the CFL necessarily have anything to do throwing one. I dare say Boomer himself probably threw one or two in his career?


I believe he had 247 TD passes and 184 INTs with a 81.1 rating.

How he handled that critique only he knows.

I hear you, but bottom line... the CFL and it's players and fans don't need his respect.

One of the best opportunities to just say " okay boomer " .


Boomer is a goof, If I remember a while back Bradshaw said a bunch of negative things about the C.F.L. Bradshaw is a goof as well, lol


CFL fans pls don't take what Boomer say personally. You have to realize few QB's in the CFL have the tools to be successful in the NFL BLM is the only CFL QB capable of being a starter. He has the mentality and attitude. Also, if the starter (Woolfolk) for the Rams was in the CFL ..... he'll tear it up.


At least Strev won a championship in the CFL, a league he used to play in. I can't see anywhere that Boomer is able to say that about the NFL.


Well, without checking the internet, Joe Kapp, Warren Moon, Joe Thiesman, Jeff Garcia, and tangentially, Doug Flutie come quickly to mind. The first four did very well, first in the CFL, then in the NFL, as I recall.

The list of QBs coming from NFL rosters and doing face plants in the CFL strikes me as being much longer. Much longer. See one Johnny Manziel for a recent example.


C'mon Boomer, you're ignorance is showing

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Apologies ---- but they're all from the "Remember When" era.

Norman(his real name) couldn't even get signed by the old USFL. He would never make it in the CFL as a QB. He was a mediocre quarterback. Couldn't beat an old beat up Ken Anderson. So what hell does he know.

Tony Dungy made some disparaging remarks about the CFL too. His Cover 2 defense would get shredded up here in the CFL.

Now I know why the CFL is never mentioned during NFL broadcasts. It protects the ignorant commentators from themselves