Books on canadian football

I've been a huge CFL fan ever since I saw Warren Moon play and I've been interested in coaching football whether its american and canadian. Either way its still football. I was wondering if anyone knows any books or videos that are out there to learn different strategies, playbooks, and formations of the canadian game? Any info would be a very big help. Thank you and looking forward toward the 2009 season. GO LEOS!!!!!!

Bryant da Black Leo
football coach in training

Go to the site below and choose the Subject Browse selection, then enter Canadian Football and you will notice a number of entries of books on the subject under different subcategories of Canadian football as well ie. Canadian football - history.

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Thanks for that Earl, but this list indicates that a book such as what the OP is asking for is sorely needed.

I smell opportunity.

True enough rp, I agree this type of a resource is needed. A lot more is written on the history of Canadian football and the GC. Most strategies are adopted from American football strategies and there is a lot written on that I would imagine.

You're better served looking in the amateur ranks for this stuff. Go to, click on the tackle football button, then on coaches, and there you'll find some of what you're looking for.

There is a rather large list here:

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You can also use I have purchased many CFL books from this site.

Or check out garage sales......I found a very old copy of "Dirty 30" Jim Youngs autobiography. Some of you Young-uns wont remember him. 8)

I am a young-un, mid 20s, so I don't remember him at all but I have read the autobiography. Very good read!

I'd love to get my hands on that book. If anybody sees it around please let me know!