Bookmarks and Glitch

Does anybody else use bookmarks? I love this feature.

The problem is, for some reason even after I set a bookmark for NO expiration, the bookmark disappears anyway EVEN when I have recently posted in that thread and it is heavily active! This can be annoying even though it is relatively easy to find the damn thread anew and set up the bookmark again.

I rarely use the expiration feature for bookmarks, for I can remove any bookmark myself at any time when I am no longer interested. And so can you!

Why does an expiration feature for bookmarks even exist anyway!?

This sounds like an example of yet another feature hardly anybody cares about and certainly not one that was requested by anybody but the guy who coded it and thought it was another one of his good ideas - without eliciting any feedback of course because that would be normal, human, and social for once! Yes, it was THAT GUY again.

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really? i use this feature and i have never lost a bookmark. i may have to investigate this.

i just tested it on a handful of bookmarks on my ipad and laptop and they worked. i bookmarked this topic with a expiry tonight to test that feature. i wonder if there are some user bookmark settings i don't know about...

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Yes, it happens it feels like when you set it to "None, " which is almost always the setting I use. It's almost as if it defaults to the longest time setting on there. It's stupid too.

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hmmm, well the timed bookmark worked as designed. i haven't been able to reproduce your issue but that does not mean it does not exist for you. this warrants some more investigation.

I have always used bookmarks. I have never had the problem you describe though and like you I almost always set them not to expire.

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well my overnight bookmark expiry notification worked. so far i cannot reproduce your issue. in the near future i will post a help desk topic on using the bookmarks and that may help us figure out the problem.

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It might just be a matter of waiting for the next bookmark to expire on my end, knowing full well I had set it to none. And then you just might have to set one with no expiry and wait three months or however long just to see it expire by default, which is a DUMB setting when overwhelmingly most of us don't want or need an expiry for a bookmark anyway.

At least the dork who coded that dumb feature is no longer around, so all the better for that.

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do you have any currently stored bookmarks now? do you want me to look at your bookmarks from your profile? i can easily do this but need your permission first.

None of my bookmarks have expired by default since I joined the forum.


This is still an existing issue, but there is no timetable. I had the glitch happen several times last week.

  1. Why isn't the default NO expiration, as it should be!? It's not as if we can't simply add or delete bookmarks at will!

With a default setting set to no expiration, which is how the rest of the world has always operated and is what everybody has wanted but for that LOSER developer thinking way, way too much, of course this situation would not be at hand at all.

  1. On several of my bookmarks, including recent ones, they disappeared after a few days even after I had set to "none" for expiration. The remedy has been to simply delete the bookmark and re-set it every time this happens. What a bunch of make-work borne of a poor developer choice for the default setting for bookmarks.
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i haven’t forgotten about this @Paolo_X, that’s why it’s still open. sorry, i will look at this again later today. i haven’t been able to reproduce your issue so i may need your help.

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have you looked at the bookmarks setting in your profile preferences under interface? it’s at the bottom of the page. i think you have yours set to “delete bookmark” after reminder but if you set it to one of the keep bookmark options, i think it may fix your issue. i know that setting isn’t really clear. i have mine set to “keep bookmark and clear reminder”.

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i find the whole time limit setting part of bookmarks to be pointless for our forum but i can’t turn that part off.

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Solved and thank you! Now this is a setting I never knew I had anyway.

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yea it’s buried way down in the interface preferences where no one really looks. i will eventually have a guide for this stuff.

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We have also discovered yet another solution, so this is a two-for-one today at the Help Desk. On the broad subject of misplaced priorities in life, the guy who coded that feature is a bojack loser too.

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I discovered another potential glitch in the design on this front from long ago.

It appears the bojack who wrote the code also set “Delete Bookmark” as the default after one is notified, which is indicated when one goes to the settings under “Interface.”

The default should be “Keep Bookmark and Clear Reminder” not “Delete Bookmark.”

I discovered this when I went to re-set some old bookmarks from before the aforementioned updates that had expired, and sure enough despite my default setting to “Keep Bookmark and Clear Reminder,” the OLD default setting stayed at hand when I re-set the bookmark for that specific older thread!