book it !!!!

so labour day weekend is coming up and so to the annual labour day classics i personally look forward to this every year it always feels like playoff atmosphere this time of year.the esks are playing way better this year,and the ti-cats beating the argos twice this year? well i know that come labour day i will be sitting in my favourite chair,cold one in hand eh book it!!!

Sunday I'll be in Taylor Field....Monday I've got a date with a giant HD telleevishun.

On Monday, I'll be preparing grammar and punctuation lessons for my students.

jam, do you live in PA?? If not, jm, could you do us all a favour and give a correspondence course?? :slight_smile:

With pleasure.

I have an eye appointment — my eyes tend to cross when I read some posts on this forum.

I'm with you jam67! Book it! I ain't goin' anywhere but to the fridge and back!

Must be a Saskatchewan adult ed class :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Did I not hear how Mosaic is adding some 2100 more seats for the LD game and rest of the season?
Which reminds me, have I not said enough already people of Regina, build a new stadium.

You’ve said enough, it’s just that you have not yet contributed enough. You drop the first, say, $80 million and I am sure that the good folks and governments of Sask will come through with the rest! :lol:

Friggin' school (I start this Wednesday) :thdn:

I will also be at Taylor field its goona be rockin :rockin: :thup:


well, that was anti-climatic.


Unfortunately or fortunately depending on your view, I will have to miss the Labour Day Classic and the return match unless I can find a Sports bar in Edinburgh that plays CFL games.

I'm not going to hold my breath. I will have a wee dram for the Esquimaux while there.

i'll be at mosaic watching the big blue beat up the riders.

cfleskfan - no live streaming on the internet?

lol dream on

Doubt they will have that in whatever bar I will be in.

Time to invest in a sling box and a laptop.

That combination works extremely well. Add in an EVDO card and you have mobile 3G CFL!