Book it-- BC is going to the GREY CUP--

At this point I bought a $250 Grey Cup ticket in anticipation of BC being in the Grey cup. I am sure they will make the finals and play Winnipeg or Montreal from the East-

As long as BC does not screw this up royally, we will win the WEST. We basically already have the WEST WON with a win tomorrow. Cgy lost yesterday, we own the tiebreakers vs both Edm and CGY.

Sask is out already and our main competition is EDMONTON and CALGARY-- Now there is no way and no exuces to lose to either of these teams.

Edmonton will lose to Winnipeg tonight for sure as RAY is way too slow and too imobile and his arm is very weak. WInnipeg will beat them and BC will win tomorrow--

The LIons are not amazing, but we will win the WEST by attrition. 2 guys will ensure we win the west, RICKY RAY and HENRY BURRIS--
As I predicted many times and called BURRIS the worst PRO QB playing anywhere in the world, he showed last night what he is all about. The Truth about Burris is he is the most inaccurate QB around, has no touch on passes, cannot read a defense at all, cannot throw a simple out anymore-- Burris calls a team meeting and plays like that?

You heard it here first, the Burris INT TO BYRON PARKER for the pick 6 was likely his last throw as the starter of CGY- Burris is going to be benched ilke REYNOLDS which is bad news as CGY will play TATE who can play and can read a defense--

However vs CGY all BC has to do is throw deep. The CGY Db's are amongst the worst Db's in holding and taking penalties, all of them grab and clutch and hold. The refs are aware and its clear that CGY DB's are terrible at the deep ball--

CGY also has the leagues worst pass rush by far, they never make any sacks, so even with TATE at QB we should put 40 points on them all day long--

TOnight I predict RICKY RAY will be benched for the 2nd half, he is just not good enough to play PRO ball anymore, him and BURRIS are on a steady decline- If you could combine RAY's brain with Burris arm you would have a good QB-
Ricky RAY cannot beat anyone as he cannot throw a pass 15 yards anymore, unless its a floater--

The WEST has not been this weak in years, BC can walk right into the finals, Edmonton and CGY are no threat to win the WEST as both can barely beat the leagues worst teams these days, and both are really on a downward spiral of late--

BC just needs to stay the course and keep hungry and we will be in the CUP and play a better team but will be at HOME--

This is the best shot at at GREY CUP we could ask for--

Welcome back Gridiron. Nice to see you posting again. I'm hoping for a Bombers/Lions Grey Cup myself. My wife and I bought our Grey Cup tickets months ago. We were going regardless of who gets in but need I say more?

Burris may have had his day but Tate sure seems to be on the ball [pun intended]. Mind you he was playing against Toronto. Who knows how he will play against a superior team. Cornish and Taylor have got to be stopped. The Lions can score all they want but still come out short. Yes, the Lions beat Calgary last week, you saw the same game I did. Calgary lost the last two games in the last play and by only a couple of points. But like they say, top teams find a way of winning, even the close ones. I cannot believe how Calgary shot themselves in the foot with all of those penalties.
I don't think Calgary is that easy a team to beat but I do think they can fall to pieces. They showed that yesterday.

First things first. Winnipeg must beat Edmonton tonight. They simply must!

"Edmonton will lose to Winnipeg tonight for sure as RAY is way too slow and too imobile and his arm is very weak. WInnipeg will beat them and BC will win tomorrow--" by Gridiron

Well Gridiron, you gotta be wrong sometimes. :frowning:

What an anemic showing by Winnipeg. That game was an absolute bore! So now.....The Lions MUST win to keep pace with the Esks. Hope the Lions play better than Winnipeg did tonight.

One prediction that came through for me as BC not only went to the CUP, they won it-

One of the greatest turnarounds I have ever witnessed in PRO sports.

Truly one of the most special teams that showed heart, effort, committment, poise, intelligence, this team was simply outstanding–

BOOK IT- PREDICTION- If BC does not lose too many players to the NFL or free agency, The GREY CUP IS OURS NEXT YEAR- The nucleus here is very strong and young. We are miles ahead of any CFL competitor next season–

Consider this after going 1-7-- How good are the LIONS? We WON 11 of our last 12 games- and We didnt allow the opposition to score a td IN 4 of our wins- We also had double digit leads in all 11 wins. We also had many 20 and 30 point leads on teams–

THis my friends is a sign of utter domination-- WE WILL WIN THE GREY CUP NEXT SEASON AGAIN— I saw something special from this team that I was convinced they were going to the CUP, NOW I AM CONVINCED they will repeat next season—

I totally agree with you Gridiron!

Let me revise the following, "Book it-- BC is going to the GREY CUP".... to read...... "Book it-- BC is going to the GREY CUP in 2012!"

The team is for real and your phrase, " utter domination" is a good one. I do not think the Lions will lose many wanting to try out in the NFL. I'm just playing a hunch. Lulay's contract is up for renewal. He'll probably want to write his own ticket but I don't think he'll be greedy.

On a negative note, while the Lions did win the Grey Cup they almost let it slip from their grasp. With less than 5 minutes left in the game and a commanding lead of 31-9 Winnipeg was able to score 2 excellent TDs almost with impunity. Another TD with a 2 point conversion would have tied it. The Bombers had enough time to do this if the football gods were on their side. Much earlier in the game Willis dropped a key interception that likely was good for a TD. That would have been a possible game changer as far as momentum goes.

A 31-9 lead with less than 5 minutes left should have been a sure thing. Had the Bombers successfully executed that onside kick in the dying minute of the game then who knows? None of this of course means the Lions are not destined to head out to Toronto for the Grey Cup in 2012. But they'll be the wiser for it after this sweet GC win. The turn around this season was no fluke. Lulay is for real. Key players though a bit older than most have got plenty of juice left. But it does mean that a team that dominates the opposition for the better part of the season isn't capable of blowing a lead and imploding. That would have been a bitter pill to swallow. The Lions bent but did not break. Thankfully the clock was the Lions' best friend.

More importantly, residents and the "mayor" of Swaggerville had to dine on humble pie yesterday. Thanks to the B.C. Lions!