book; 100 Grey Cups by Brunt - $4

My wife found this deal that I thought I'd share; Stephen Brunt's book, '100 Grey Cups: This is Our Game' is on clearance for $4 right now - practically giving it away!

[url=] ... 0771017445[/url]

My copy just arrived this morning. It's probably dirt cheap because it's Stephen Brunt. Lol.

It is dirt cheap because it is 4 years old.

Most likely over stocked because of poor sales back in 2012 and just need to clear shelf space.

I am an Inventory Control and Distribution Manager.

That is what is done when merch collects dust.

Yet , it is nice you let everyone know the great deal .


I got my copy back in 2012 at full price.

I'm aware of why things go on clearance. It was a joke.

Thanks for the info. I just ordered one

LOL was behind Brunt. Not the $ 4.

Pretty much as you indicate. For the record I’ve been dealing in vintage books and music for the better part of 20 years and sports books - NOT JUST BRUNT’S WRITINGS have very little gravitas after they’ve sold their initial run (signings, personal appernces, etc.)
Secondhnd bookshops across the country r brimming with sports books. For one the sports fan aren’t exctly known as big reeders. Only sports books that sell r signed volumes from 1880s to 1950s - or very limited run sports histories (regions). Some obvious exceptions like old Atlanta Flames history, Lou Thesz book on wrestling, Gump Worsley’s story, few more. Most end up in church sales for 25 cents to a buck & even then they don’t sell many - most go to the dump!

I got it at chapters for 1.58…,seriously!!!..I’m 55 yes old and gave it to my dad who,s an 87 yr old

Nice Bud. But a little over priced!! Got to shop around for deals.
My neighbor offered me one. He ask what would I offer to pay. You give me the book and $2 dollars. Deal done. Remember theirs a Eco fee on garbage. Nice Cheers! :thup: :thup: