Booing....the Starting QB.


Booing…Maas at the game Friday night ???
This is not the 2006 season…that is behind us.
And I’m sure Jason Maas…is doing everything he can do…to forget…the Nightmare.
I have been one of the more outspoken-ones about Maas in the past…
I did want to see… how…or if… Jason…would improve…under Coach Taaffe’s leadership…at this early part of the season.
And he no dought has improved…
Lets not forget that the whole Team…was under “Rookie Leadership” last season. As much as I have great respect for Greg Mashall…he was way in over his head…and Paopao’s Offence…did not work in BC…or Ottawa…and we all saw first hand how it did not work in Hamilton.
Lancaster…came in to do clean-up duty…for the owner…and fans…and for his effort…that he did not want…I am greatfull.
The Club has put together a first-class coaching staff…Taaffe WILL make things work in Hamilton.
Chang…will no dought be the QB of the future for this Club…for many…many…years. If all the T’s are crossed under furture…contracts with him.
He has what it takes…
But let’s not forget…that Maas is no flake…
Under the right coaching… that he now has…
Maas has the experiance…and the proven numbers in the C.F.L. And under Taaffe’s direction…the right people… will placed in the right position.
Booing…your starting QB…Come-on…have a bit of class. And let’s give Maas…a real chance…to show us what he can do.

Agreed, SJR -- however, after witnessing the Tom Clements pitchfork brigade in full bloom circa 1983, I have my doubts. Any guy who starts at QB has to have a tough skin and selective hearing to succeed here.

Danny Mac was class all the way on this point. His mantra -- that it only matters what the players in that dressing room think of you -- is not just being poignant. It's the baseline for any quarterback on any team at any level to have confidence, above and beyond how the headset honchos might view one.

It's why Jason Maas is the starter: apart from Taaffe's multiple votes of confidence, he still has the room. I've never heard otherwise.

Oski Wee Wee,

I don't agree with booing the home team. In fact, it really pisses me off when people do it.

Thats all find and dandy boys and girls but he has NOT shown that he is worth more than his 350,000$ salary yet here in the Hammer has he? until he wins + four games with his new found health he has proved nothing in the Black and Gold in my opinion. Also does he have the class of a Danny Mac and his community work? its make or break time for Mr Maas. I am becoming a Big Timmy Chang fan there is something special about him. :thup:

I'm not a big George Doubleya Bush fan but when it comes to TigerCat football "you're either with us or agin us".
Booing Maas :thdn:
Booing Argos :thup:

.....less all face it. WHen Jason came out last night and threw the first 3 pass no where we were all worried, Right?

Did some give him a premature scoffing? Sure they did because (and I believe ) we don't want another year of "I am staying with my #1 Qb talk babble.....HOWEVER, by games end I am sure that the fans were satisified with Jason last night, Right?
So lets all take a deep breath, and enjoy the fact that presason is over and the boys are shaking the rust of themselves each week and we move up the stats / scoreboards.
It's 2007, time for a fresh outlook and a breath of freash air..... :cowboy:

The problem with all of that is that Jason Maas wasn't very good even tho he was the second best QB out there for us. I see no reason to be optimistic about a Maas led offence unless Lumsden carries the ball for 150 yards a game

Left over resentment from 2006. I don’t see a problem with booing. I think it’s more of a message to Bob Young and the entire Ticat organization that put a lousy product on the field last year.

You pay full price for a ticket. Your entitled to express an opinion (without profanity).

Lets see a couple of wins at the beginning of the season and the booing goes away. Simple as that.

Maas deserves the chance to start, if he fails, we have others to step right in. Have no fear ,people.

I think (I was at least) booing the throw, not Maas.

What should a fan do after a pass falls 30 yards from a receiver, stay perfectly quiet?

It was more in fun, and everyone was back in his corner once he got his groove going.

I was booing Maas early on for those 3 in a row incompletions/overthrows, but i applaude him for his downfield passing. He looked really sharpe going deep, in comparison to last year where it just floated and he never really had it in him. But i think Coach Taaffe will keep him on a short leash this year.

Maybe this deserves a new post, however.

I am always amazed at the number of people that come on this site and slam player after player, "so and so" stinks, "he" should be cut, "he's" worthless, we will never win with "so and so" on the team and so on.

Yet any time I've met any player at any event all the people are shaking thier hands wishing them luck and are very polite. Why don't I ever see people in person telling these players how rotten they are or how useless they are? Why is that?

I guess it is really easy to be critical of another person from your keyboard in the safety of your own home.

Street fest this weekend was a great example. Jason was there as were many of the players and I didn't see one person walk up to him and talk trash or anything to his face and yet this board is littered with people talking bad about him, once again why is that?

My father used to tell me "If you don't have somethign nice to say about somebody, don't say anything". I kind of like that theory and it really would be nice to see a little more of that.

Do we need a love in for all players, no. A little respect would be nice once in a while though.[/rant]

Glovesave, I truly believe that almost everybody`s courage ends at the keyboard. Most, if not all, of us would fear getting pounded by any player (or players) that gets trash-talked... lol