booed off the field

i heard the halftime show in ottawa was booed off the field, what did the halftiem show do tog et booed off the field lol, the game was against edmonton

I feel like booing 90% of the halftime shows here in Edmonton off the field myself.

Except one year when Montreal was in town the halftime show was medieval fighting. It was awesome! 2 teams of 20 guys each, decked-out in homemade armor and shields beating each other with swords, clubs, and flails.

It was brutal and entertaining as hell... worth the price of admission itself!

Needless to say they haven't had it since.

The best half time show,was in Regina.
My Argos were in town.
Anyways the half time show had guys jumping out of a plane with parachutes.4 of them landed in the middle of Taylor field.One other guy landed in the other part of the city.Everyone was singing nanana say goodbye.That was funny.

Hey Saskargo

I was at that game too. I think that guy ended up hitting the SGI building. I thought that was pretty funny myself. Sure alot better than the dogs they showed at halftime.

i like it when they do the dogs. its better then having Sask express or something

For those not in the know(and you are better off) Sask Express is one of those cheesy cheesy singing groups.

Love the dogs! And a good marching band never hurrts. But then again, I'm usually off getting beer.

nothing worse than a crappy half time is time we took a lesson from our American cousins to the particular, the NCAA where each half time has a marching band. It seems to keep the folks happy and it also injects some spirit...

Wait a minute here ... You mean to tell me there are halftime shows in the CFL at every game?!?!!

Oh geezus .. and all this time i've been smoking joints in the parking lot and buying beers in the stadium ... what the hell have I been thinking?!

Dogs you say? I wish the CFL teams had marching bands .. much like University/college down south ... creates a great atmosphere ... instead I have to strain to hear the music and announcer's in Calgary ... the speaker system here sucks.


Kel: I think your right. I belive it was last years western final,
sask vs lions in the dome, they had a huge American marching band play befor the game, (half time is beer line ups) They marched around and wound up forming a giant maple leaf that must have took up 80 yds. of the field, side line to side line then played the anthem. It was great and they got a huge ovation from a sell-out crowd.
Another sort of related story. I worked at the dome in its early years when Crazy George was always there. His shtick if you remember was to always come onto the field befor the player introductions a different way each game. This night happened to be a Motts Clamato promo night and they had this little go-cart that had a ford econoline van body that looked like a Motts delivery van. I was to drive george onto the field in it. It had a hole cut in the roof that was just big enough for me to squeeze my legs down into it to get to the peddles, and George was to stradle the back. They told me to drive out between the row of cheer leaders then veer over to the sidelines and go behind the lions bench then make a big turn and go behind the Sask. bench then drive back to the end of the row of cheer leaders let George off and drive back out the tunnel.
Now, before we left the guy running the show said were running late so drive as fast as you can. OK! I took off and and George started banging his drum and by the time we cleared the last cheer leader we were probably doing 30 mph. by the time we got to the lions bench George had stoped beating his drum and was haning on for dear life. The crowd (which was always a sell out in those days) was going wild. Turning to head to the Sask bench George was yelling at me to slow down. I remember yelling to him "Just beat your drum and hang on George" . And the Crowd was roaring. Behind the sask bench there was a golf cart with a CBC camera mounted on it about six feet away. Between the two was a camerman holding a hand held, and were coming in there doing 30 mph, and the crowd was going crazy. I remamber seeing the camerman toss his camera and dive out of the way at the last second. We stopped at the first cheer leader and George, with very wobbly knees climbed off. During the second half of the game I went up into the stand to see a bunch of friends who were at the game and they were all still laughing about it. They said it was the funnyiest thing they ever saw happen to George. Even the people sitting around them that I didn't know started giving me high fives when they found out it was me driving.
A bit of a long post but it sure was fun.

Why was the show booed off the field by the way?

No answer yet, I'd really like to know. There had to be someone there.

I cant stand those dogs. Every football game ive ever been to as those stupid dogs running up and down the field doing thing. Its a disgrace to football. PLus its boring as hell. I was at one football game where they didnt have the dogs. It was in Hamilton (i think they were playing Winnipeg) anyways they had these military guys showing wut they do for training it wasnt that great. But a lot better then the dogs.

Military, eh?

Did they do a drill with live fire? That would be cool as hell.

Dangerous, reckless, and stupid, but cool nonetheless.

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