I should've been more specific, I wasn't talking about your PVR or Shaw or Rogers etc. I was talking about TSN, attached is the link. You can watch on your laptop, IPhone etc. As someone above mentioned, I hook up my laptop thru the HDMI and watch the "on demand" games on the big screen.
No need to record them, they are all here and "ad free"

The Argo/Ticat game in it's entirety

I prefer to PVR because it is easier to skip the commentary and get to the next play. Especially when Black/Forde are doing the broadcast.

The TSN on demand is a nice option when the power goes out and my PVR doesn't get the whole game which happened a few weeks ago.

Thanks! My stupid pvr not only did not record the T.O. game but it wasn't recording the Senators game either!! At least I can DL the game, put it on a stick and watch it on my big screen.

TSN GO isn't working for me, I get the video until the first commercial break and then it locks up. >:(

And AGAIN those idiots did it, 9 minutes to go in the game, score almost tied and "we are switching this game to TSN 2 so you can see the kickoff of the Winn/Als game. Bunch of idiots, luckily I got to watch Hamilton choke on TSN On Demand.

we get 6 tsn stations as part of a package deal. does not every provider give this option??

zero problems

if you don't have this option, then it is your providers fault, not tsn

if you are choosing to save money somehow on not getting all tsn stations available, then that is your problem, not tsn

my on screen info guide tells me exactly which stations will switch and which ones will not ahead of time.

I have all 5 channels and have learned to pick the channel in the region of the teams involved when I PVR so this doesn't happen. There is no need for this, you stick with the game until it's over. I've had to endure post race coverage of NASCAR, post racecoverage, before they switch to a CFL game.

Has TSN not heard of the Heidi Rule?

I have all five as well, and do the same - record the channel I expect to not switch to the second game.

What I don't understand is why TSN doesn't just put the beginning of the second game on TSN2, with a banner on the regular channels announcing that anyone wanting to switch should go there. For PVR, just record the game on TSN1/3/4/5 as well as an hour on TSN2.