Normally they stick with the first game and start the second game on another TSN channel (2,3,4,5) for double headers but the S/O game they moved it to TSN 2 ruining what turned out to be a good game as they cut off the last 3 minutes so we could watch Montreal lose again.

Not sure why they did it that way this time, but if you PVR like I did you missed out.

That is a mystery. Stupid decision.

They usually stick with the first game except for the regional channel for the second game. That's what they did last week, with TSN 1(?) switching to the Ticat game while TSN 3/4/5 stayed with the earlier game. Good if you've got all five channels - and can remember which one is likely to switch right away and which are likely to stay. And if they actually do that every time.

I get going back to back on Week day games. But absolutely no reason not to have a half hour Sportsdesk or pregame spot between games during the weekend.

I believe at one point in the past they did that.

I've got a few boxes at home, they work differently it seems with TSN, hard to figure out. Mind you my provider is Rogers so don't know but the boxes are different and different manufacturers. Don't know.

TSN 2 is the main TSN channel.

Not on any regular basis

TSN2 is not the 'main' TSN station. It is like ESPN2 in the USA. The secondary TSN station.

Which is why if a CFL game is on at the same time as an MLS TFC game for example - it will be the TFC game on TSN2. The CFL game will be on the 'main' TSN channel which is TSN1, 3, 4 or 5 depending on where you are in the country.

Much like with Sportsnet - the MAIN Sportsnet channels are Sportsnet Ontario, East, West and Pacific and is the channel Sportsnet will normally carry the Jays on or carry the NHL on 'Sunday Night Hockey' on. Sportsnet One is their secondary channel.

TSN 1 is the main channel. And this time they ran the Tor/Ham game into the Edm/Win game which is fine with me, but why they didn't do that before who knows. TSN would suffer a quick death if ever they went into the US.

Can't you go to TSN On-Demand and watch the whole game?

TSN1 was the main channel prior to the other 3 regional channels launching. There is no "main" channel, it is 4 channels; TSN1, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5 depending on whether you live in Maratime- Quebec, Ontario, Praire or West.

I have to record the games, so I can't jump over when they switch the final minutes to another station.

2 games on Monday would have been MUCH better than a Saturday night game against the Leafs.

You can try guessing which of the four channels will jump to the second game by looking at the region served by those channels.

TSN1 - Western Canada (B.C., Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatchewan)
TSN3 - Manitoba (Winnipeg)
TSN4 - Ontario, excluding Ottawa (Toronto, Hamilton)
TSN5 - Eastern Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada (Ottawa, Montreal)

I think it's based on the home team, but I could be wrong.

TSN has too many stations. It is silly. Should have stuck with 2.

TSN 1 is BC and AB
TSN 3 is SK and MB- When Jets regional game is aired, it gets priority over the bombers and Roughriders.

That would suck not being able to watch a game due to a hockey game, I mean come on, it is early season for the NHL when the CFL ends in November; just sad. I have always felt that the CFL is considered an after thought by Canadian broadcasters.

But I will ask the question again - "all CFL games are available to watch on TSN On-demand" they are posted a few hours after the game is over.
If you have to record a game cause you can't watch it live and the recording gets screwed up then why don't you watch the game on TSN on-demand?

I didn't know about that, I will have to check my PVR to see if I have that option with Shaw.

Ok, I checked and neither of my pvrs (3400+3500) have TSN on demand but they do have other channels like Nat Geo. IF you are speaking of watching it online, no thanks, I hate reading online let alone watching programs online. I own 2x50" inch tvs so I can watch big screen instead of 15"

Unfortunate that Shaw doesn't have an On Demand channel like Bell and Rogers have.

As for watching online, if your laptop has an HDMI output port, you could hook it up to your TV. Not as good as watching an HD broadcast, but not too bad.