Boo hoo!

Once again, the panic button is being hit. Stop being a Leaf fan for once. Stop looking for excuses. The coaching is not to blame, coaches are not the ones missing assignments dropping balls or fumbling. It is only 2 games and the majority here are ready to string them up.

Remember back in 1986?

Well that season the Tiger-Cats started 0-2 as well.

Give it a rest already; you are going to kill yourself stressing out over this.

ya the coaches are kinda to blame. we dont make any half time adjustments we are playing injured players who cant do there jobes our dfence is playing way to far back and we decide that we dont want to start our best players.

I think blame is being thronw about a little to freely here.

Basically, I think the difference in the entire game was Calvillo outperforming Maas.

Where Maases paases were off, Calvillo was pin point and hit covered receivers numerous time. What a display of QBing by AC.

Boreham put us in quite a hole too.

Defence was ok. They were on the field way too long.

remember 2005 started 0-2 on to 0-8 before finally winning. same players making the same mistakes (penalties, missed fgs, dropped balls lack of defensive coverage, special team tackling) and the coaches are not correcting these so i think there is room for some concern

Concern? Yes.

Panic and knee jerk reactions? No.

It's called continuity. :stuck_out_tongue: