boo hoo to sask

i appreciate sask fans in general and how they support the cfl. but im finding they are becoming a little arrogant at times. all ya hear is how austin, fantuz and burris abandoned the riders. boo hoo.,,,,,how bout this : 2007 grey cup champs,,do any of these former ticats sound familiar?,,,,jason armstead,,dj flick,,jamie boreham,,tim fleizer,,corey grant,,,wayne smith,tad kornegay,,marcus adams.,,and they are a few fans didnt like the way we used stevie baggs here in hamilton a few years back,,,they are right,, i thought our def cordinator didnt use him properly too,,,,now hmmmm,,who happened to being our d/c that year?,,,oh yeah corey chamblin.

Not disagreeing with the general theme & essence of your thread, but in the effort towards accuracy ... Stevie Baggs has not dressed or played a single down of regular season football since he was "misused' by Chamblin & subsequently cut.

Again, not disagreeing with the overall point of your post, but your example with Baggs doesn't justify your argument.

well i refresh your memory. and give u an example,, many times we had a bonafide pass rusher dropping in coverage which basically made baggs ineffective. just my opinion though

A team that has only won 3 Grey Cups has no right to be arrogant or overconfident when it comes to Sunday's game :smiley: