Boo hoo Stamps

Suck it up, guys...

TSN is showing clips from some of the Calgary players right now, and they're whinning about being shutout of the players awards. Nik lewis made some comment about how they'd have so many points if they played Toronto a bunch of times, too.

You know what, I'm so damn sick of listening to the Stamps whine about this and that. It was the same thing last season when Joseph beat out Burris for the MOP.

I'm beginning to wonder if maybe the CFL should just give Burris an MOP so the Stamps can shut up. :roll:

Totally agree Chief. Henry shows his true colours again....all for Henry. AC is a much more desrving MVP. And what on earth is DeAngelis whining about! guys shouldn't let it bother you so much...

LOL They should not lose sleep over it.

They should take it as a compliment. They are much improved this year because as a TEAM they are much better. These are individual awards, you don't even have to be on a winning team to take home an individual award, they play for the right to the best award on Sunday anyways.

Seems to me they are looking at it the wrong way.

The problem is there are those that do not realize the Stamps had more tougher games then the Als.
BC LIons 3 Riders 4 Edmonton 3 Als 2 a total of 12 games that were with teams with winning reocrd
The Als played each western team twice giving them 8 tough games.

I think that speaks for itself really.

again your point?

05, you're just proving my point. Whine, whine, whine. I honestly hope Burris wins it next year so the whinning will stop.

In the grand scheme it doesn't really make that big of a difference. There was lots of times this year where Calvillo was out of the game after 3 quarters because the game was in hand already, that hurts his stats as well. Heck he destroyed Edmonton and Saskatchewan, 2 quality teams, and sat out the 4th quarter in both games.

I don't think the Stamps players should feel slighted, they as a team were very very good this year, and that's far more important than any individual awards.

Quit making sense,'re killing the fun...

…in all seriousness, do you not think this reaction to the MOP awards is not part of a greater plan…I mean, c’mon, since day one that Huf took this club over he has controlled lock stock and barrel this team and their image to the rest of the league…heck, on day one he even took responsibility for the way Tom Higgins was let go and he wasn’t even part of the club at the time it happened…

…this venting (or as Chief would call it, whining :roll: ) is part of a plan to fire Huf’s boys up…there is no way he would condone it otherwise and would have put a lock on guys like Lewis and Burris from the get go…but he didn’t…because the venting, publically, is feeding the fire to motivate…many of you are buying into that emotion…

You know, I might be inclined to agree with you, red, if Burris hadn't whined last season. Should we expect the same behavoir from him next season if he loses the MOP again?

...if he has another very good season and doesn't then I would guess yes...

The one thing I worry about is Henry did this same thing last year, and he was watching the big game on TV. He has to forget about winning the individual awards. He has to focus on helping his team win the big game.

My advice to him would be that individual awards are nice, but if the Stamps lose tomorrow, he will still be stuck with the choker label. Sure he finally took the Stamps to the big game, but unless he wins, people will stay he choked. If he wants to shake the label for good, he has to go out and bring his A game tomorrow, otherwise it will not help his team, nor will it help him individually. When it come time for him to leave the Stamps, either as a FA or if he is released, teams will look at him and say, yes he is a good QB, but cannot win the important games.

...Burris better make sure ' bad henry' doesn't show-up...or statements made will seem a little redundant...This is a team sport first....I'm sure he is quite cognisant of that fact...Awards are nice....but the biggest one is the Cup....Good luck stamps...

:P :P i laughed when i seen what Burris was crying about, we got no awards finished best team in the league, can't wait until tomorrow when Burris falls apart in the big game and Montreal wins the cup.

Is anyone surprised by the comments ? Still the same cocky bunch of characters they have always had there.

It isn't enough that Burris had a great season. To win MVP, you have to have the BEST season. Burris deserved it, but Calvillo deserved it MORE.

But look at what that shutout means: Calgary didn't have the best player, they didn't have the best defensive player, they didn't have the best special teams player, they didn't have the best Canadian player, and they didn't have the best rookie player. They were just the best team. In a team sport, that should be the important thing, and while individual accolades are nice, griping about not getting enough of them shows a lot about a person's character.

I'll bet Cameron Wake would give his defensive player award and his right nut for a chance to play in the Grey Cup game.

If the Stamps win tomorrow I will be looking for you.

Cocky or confident? I think Piggy your confused the Stamps as cocky. They are confident. And I can tell you that is the way to be going into this game.