From champs to chumps in less than a week! The dressing room must of stunk as the staff had to clean up the feces that were discharged.

The image of the stamps (and their fans) will be improved as they all wear bags on their heads, too embarrased to show their faces!

Lost to the worst team in the league! Don't quit your day jobs... you're not doing too well at night!

Too bad, so sad!

Ha ha ha It is nice to know they do have clowns in Riderland. It seems to me that the Stamps are still in first place and your riders squeeked out a win against the Lions by the way congradulations. Really though the T Cats were due and they played a very good game credit should go to where it belongs and that is to the tiger cats. So If you are indeed embarassed you should do something about that. But after reading some of your posts there is not much anyone can do for you. :lol:
Unlike some rider fans we do not go around firing half the squad or the coaches after a loss. We go back and figure out what went wrong and go back to winning. Just maybe you should try this! Oh ya you can't thats right your incapable! Yup fire Danny Barrett or can Shivers or is that next week.
The Stamps played not a bad game they just got out worked that will happen and corrections will be made to fix that. All the Stamps need is a back to back with the Riders! :lol: :lol:

.....we beat the riders.......we beat the riders.....nyah nyah nyah fact we crushed your team, on your own field, whatever name it is this week........too bad so sad dasourgrapefan.....we're coming back in two weeks as well for seconds.....hope you're around for that too!.....

........btw, (this is the mod R&W talking now, not the stamp fan), the individual rooms are not to be used to taunt and trash, use the main forum or your own room to trash talk another team.....your post in the BC room is borderline eraseable and if anyone complains about it I'll toast it in a second as offered....your post here I'll let live because I know redwhite2005 will continue to rip you a new one with each of your offerings.......thanks in advance for obeying the rules.....have a great day now y'hear.....

you always gotta bring out the mod card eh red

....meh, it comes in handy sometimes.....

i was hoping the new kicker for the ticats would run-off the field and degrade the stamps like deangelis degraded the ti-cats

....did you see that as degrading?.....hmmm, never saw it like that, but I guess it could be.....Sandro said afterwards he was avoiding a celebratory dogpile, which might have been seen as more degrading than him sprinting off the field.....

.......I suppose in some way justice was served last night, the win we mostly stole from the cats here was made up for by their win last night in pretty much the same fashion.....

.....I still disagree with Higgins decision to go for the TD on third and goal with 4 seconds left on the clock at the end of the half, take the for-sure 3 points and go in tied.....

Just like the way you degrade a team after they lose, or your geroy thread in the main forum RNR???

yah but thats what made higgins higgins, thats what makes him sometimes the most popular guys around, or it makes him the goat

maybe im wrong, id try to avoid a dog pile just because im clostrpophobic, so maybe i just got the wrong idea on that

not only that decision red, what about the first down play....was that a Hank brain fart to throw it out of bounds....I have to think the call was for Hank to run with it to keep the clock moving....will Higgins ever learn.....

One name comes to mind Matt Dunnigan and his assistants!

Also the Stamps are 3-2 Riders are 2-2 wich means all the stamps have is a game in hand. So how about you step off your big white horse and join reality!

hey sambit&h i didnt say anythign that wasnt true. i said geroy sucked, he did, i said on Klovis's interception, Geroy didnt even make an attempt to tackle him..Gero is oveeeerrrrattteeed

Atta boys, looks real good on you,i'll keep this short because you have lots to clean up around there, and not just Quick Six's stall,the old gray mare she ain't what she used to be.......pee-yoo......GO RIDERS GO

redwhite... you either have a very short memory, or a very selective one. How many Head Coaches did Calgary fire during the 3 years (2002-2004) that you were losing and missing the playoffs? How many General Managers were fired? How many assistant coaches were fired? How many Presidents were fired? Didn't you give your kicker the title of President at one point in time, because so many people had been fired that they had run out of candidates? How many times did stamps fans and the media call for the head of the owner Feterik, and his right hand man Fetari? And you claim that rider fans are unique in wanting management/coaching changes when things aren't going great? You claim that stamps fans are somehow better than this, and rather than fire people, they go back to the drawing board, and "figure out what's wrong"?

MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! It's easy to look down your nose at fans that want change, when things are going well for your team. When things were bad for the stamps, they had such a revolving door in the management and coaching ranks that they had become the joke of the CFL, and Matt Dunigan was the only guy you could get to accept the job of GM and/or Head Coach. You know things have gotten silly when Door Matt is the only one that will work for you. And then what happened to Dunigan, after only ONE year? Oh yeah... he was fired. At least rider fans have given Shivers/Barett a reasonable number of years to shape the team into what they want. If they underacheive now, perhaps it is time for change.

GO ESKS GO!!!!!!!!!!

Well put Warner

Its amazing how easy it is to shoot most Calgary fans out of the water, I am amazed that they can even call themselfs fans when they actually pay little to no attention to the world on wich they comment!

You are right Warner! The fact is we fire them we do not dream about 5 or 6 year plans and after a loss we do not say fire this player, get rid of that coach! Do you see what I mean. Some rider fans are a joke thye win they are going to the GC, when they lose they loud upt the manure wagon. Get real Warner even Eskimo fans have class. You can not compare some of these rider fans with any other fans in the CFL.

REally well thanks for the post you proved me right!
That's see I congradulated the Cats for a good game, I stated I was not upset with the loss, and that see it was the fans from other teams that seem to be concerned. The riders were trounced by the Stamps and win against BC by 1 point. A win is a win but wow it is time to jump on the GC band wagon again Rider Fans you should be happy :lol: :lol: You will lose a few more games and the same will beging Fire Barrett and Shivers should have been gone last year. Same old thing right! :lol: