Boo Hoo Hoo

So which is the real BC Lions team...the one that beat the Riders in week one, or the team that has lost 3 of their last four games?

Even with the refs trying to help BC win, they couldn't do it!!

Dickenson looked like a rag doll when he got smacked around by Jackie Mitchell. Dickenson won't last the season if he keeps getting hit like that!

Wonder if Dickenson will get a fine, or suspension, or both for taking off and throwing his helmet on the playing field?

Too bad, so sad chumps!

dickenson sucks so does wally,bring back printers, we got beaten by a far less talented team,.

Refs helping BC win? What drugs are you smoking? The Leos got nailed for over 125 yards in penalties…their worst performance all season.

It was a pathetic performance last night. The Riders deserved the win.

…trashing another team in their own forum is considered bad form on this site, please take it to the main forum or your own team’s room…if any BC Lion fan finds this thread intolerable to the enjoyment of your forum pm me and in anominity this thread will be promptly deleted…

you don't deserve to win when you throw two end zone interceptions in the final couple of minutes, and who made that call to not take the three points??? but the season is still early and lot's of time to get things back on track!!!

Well said RedandWhite, clap,clap,clap, trash talking is an utterly deplorable act,but "fortunately" it is a necessary evil.
Riders 29/Felines28
...'nuf said...

.....nothing wrong with trash talk, it encouraged even, just take it to the main forum.....the individual rooms for each team are for the fans of that team to enjoy each others thoughts and opinions, not to be disturbed by fans from other teams who think they are on some sort of roll over a one point victory :roll: ........

Yeah why do you bring it here, it's for BC fans, we can discuss this in the main forum. And how did the refs help the Lions?

bcfan you guys, HOW MANY YARDS DID GEROY GET?????? lol

Trash, trash, trash.....bad form,'re makin' the rest of us look bad.....

Hey raw, Geroy had the same number of yards as your IQ score, get out of the BC forums and thanks jm02 you set daidiot straight.

To those who are offended by my comments, no spite was intended! It was a reminder to those who slammed the Riders after they were beat by BC and Calgary. Remind those who started the trash talk, to take ownership for what they said; I have taken ownership for my posting!

Who exactly slammed the riders after their losses?

Go to the Rider forum and see for yourself, or let the person take ownership and acknowledge their deed!

The only thing even close to being offensive in this thread is the title. The actual comments made by dariderfan are bang on (minus the little ad hom at the end of the first post).

Yup, our Jeykl and Hyde team has struck again! Played well first half, did nothing second half, two bad interceptions and way too many stupid penalties.

We deserved to get beat!