Bonehead play of the year?

Did anyone notice before Reynold got stuffed by Sask’s D late in the game that Teyo Johnson was in the backfield, and was smacking his own helmet and jumping up and down. It was obvious he was going to be blocking on the play, I’m sure the Sask D saw this and keyed on Reynolds and blew up the play. A dumb move by Johnson and the guy went to Stanford.

Possibly Mark but I bet huff will not call that play again. They should have sneeked it.

Bonehead play of the year was when Armstead took a knee at his own 1 yardline... Another horseshoe used up for the Riders.... Then on the next kick he fumbled....
God thank they cut him.

LOL yes good old Karma.

It was more like the 20 but yah! Thats gotta be the winner right there

cant get much worse than taking a knew out of the endzone on a punt. At least he didnt kick it back.

When did they put knews in the end zone?

Did I mean news, or did I mean knus? Beats the heck out of me. I guess if they put knus in the endzone, then it would be news. Who knew?

I’m glad you figured that out… I thought he was talking gibberish again.

...betcha the gnus knew...

Im sure it crossed his mind

I could edit my post and make someone look really bad :twisted:

shhh, I was hoping to sneak that one by :wink:

Agreed a sneak was the best call there, but when the fullback is telegraphing the play, it doesn't help. You guys deserve credit for coming back and almost winning it. Some great plays on both sides, should be a good one again this week.

Well to tell you the truth your team deserves credit with all the adversity of losing key players as well. But depth is the key. Unfortunately for the Stamps the position of chocie for injuries has been the front d line and MLB. On your team it looks like receivers. Thats hope the game Thursday is a good one.

I am sure it was on over site I do it all the time. I just wanted to correct someone for a change. I apologize I did not mean to hurt your feelings which I am sure I did not.

My vote still goes to Scott F. Squires. Allowing Smart a TD on a kickoff because your retarded special teams coach can't get TWELVE men on the field takes the cake IMO.

this is incredible NEWS about KNews when all we really wanted to read about was knees not Dr. Seuss's Gnus!!!